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Cannibal DaVinci Nootropic


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Everyone said the Renaissance Man was dead, but we’ve dug up his corpse, distilled his essence, and bottled it so we can bring him back to life- in you.  

In bygone eras, mastering multiple disciplines, including gwriting and the arts, was essential for any person who wanted to be considered the ultimate human. Though it seems society’s turned its back on that concept, Chaos and Pain decided to buck convention once more and restore the ideal that once carried the Western World out of the Dark Ages.  Introducing Cannibal DaVinci, the first nootropic specifically designed to fuel artistic pursuits.  Aniracetam and oxiracetam are the workhorses in this formula, combining to improve memory, verbal fluidity, free association, visual and aural perception, and reduce anxiety and depression while improving artistic and holistic thought. Backing those two beautiful compounds are acacia rigidula, an herb jammed with enough amines and alkaloids to give you a nice energy boost, PEA and mucuna puriens.  Prepare to astound yourself.




10 reviews for Cannibal DaVinci Nootropic

  1. Anonymous

    Great on its own. DaVinci can be palliative but with Ferox AMPED as a chaser, you get the “flow” state effect but also become hyper-alert like you see in movies like “Limitless”. AMAZING stuff.

  2. Anonymous

    This brings out every aspect of creativity. The words roll off the tongue in a manner unheard of. Thank you C&P

  3. Anonymous

    Very good!

  4. Dustin

    Genius is great for living your life, DaVinci, is for those looking for sheer intellectual enhancement. I use this product in school and writing and have had great results!

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve used genius extensively for a few months now and wanted to see what the difference was with the Da Vinci.
    First thing that caught my eye was that it comes with 30 pills i believe and the dose is 3 pills so bang for the buck its not up there with the Genius HOWEVER, after taking the recommended dose of 3 pills there were some effects. The first hour seemed no different than the genius, more focus, more concentration, etc. After about two hours though i can honestly say that i was fully IN THE ZONE. The focus is cleaner than the genius, not as speedy, not a verbal, maybe not as much vocabulary augmentation however definitely more FOCUS, not more drive but MORE FOCUS. Comes on a lot slower, but it lasts longer, considerable longer it appears, and it just seems the concentration is on a different level over the genius. Would definitely recommend this product.

  6. Anonymous

    I was a bit skeptical of this product but figured why not. I have written a thesis and contributed to a blog weekly for 2 years and as a guest author on other blogs for longer. After a year of not writing, I sat down to write up a review for a new blog I joined and I couldn’t write a word. I knew the skill set was locked somewhere in my head but a year with no writing and I couldn’t access it.
    I popped these and 2 hours later an article appeared, referenced, links, meta content and all included.
    This is now my solution for writer’s block.

  7. Dustin

    I love working out as much as most of C and P fans. I desired Cannibal Genius and DaVinci to gain an edge at work. My job requires constant concentration and problem solving. The combination of these two products has helped me to leave my coworkers in my dust. I keep my drive all day. I never get hung up on a problem. Here is to Chaos and Pain for delivering smart drugs that do what they claim and then some!!!!! PS. stack these two with Alpha. Mind=Blown!!!

  8. AG

    Initially skeptical about these product claims, the badassery and frank fulfillment of product claims by the chaos and pain brand, left me no choice but to try this product out for myself. Initially at 3 capsules, the effects were scarce. However, stack 3 capsules of genius, with 6 capsules of Da Vinci, with a fatty meal, and prepare to truly appreciate for the first time the meaning of intellectual elite. This combination is no joke. The verbal fluidity and complex reasoning propelled and enhanced by this formula allows the production and expression of linguistic finesse at whim. Vocabulary is extended, and you begin wondering how the hell you ever managed to communicate with such mediocre dialect and baseless forms of expression. More importantly, you start to ponder how you could ever go back into the realms of mediocrity. Enhance your life, exercise in extremity.

  9. P

    cant say i’ve noticed the cognitive benefits as of yet, but these have definitely proven to be a decent sleep aid. if ive got things playing on my mind these help to rid those thoughts and allow me to get to sleep much quicker

  10. andrea meyer

    SO I got a sample a couple weeks back and have been popping these whenever I need a brain boost. I just started college (after being out of high school and in the military for 8 years) so it was weird. These have helped me remember much better, I feel more relaxed and able to focus and get in the zone and picture what I am learning for a test the next day, I have also found that ideas come more easily with this, such as when trying to put concepts together and get the big picture (such as with my psychology class). I also do a little meditation and visualization to help me deal with anxiety and ptsd symptoms and find that this seems to help me focus and get into a deeper mindset. I still would like to try this before drawing and some other artistic endeavor and will write another review for that. So far this has helped me take a bunch of concepts and grasp them as a whole (while drinking beer non-the-less). Worth at least trying and I will buy some when my sample runs out. I would be interested to pair this with genius and see the results. Maybe I will have to try and review that as a combo.

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