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Boost your brain activity, IQ, and mental focus with Chaos and Pain's proprietary nootropic supplements blends. Come alive. Get your mind fired up. Quit falling asleep at work. Got kids? Are they wearing you down? Time to wear them down. In school? Having trouble concentrating in class? Can't get all that late night work done because you're too tired? Get clarity. Find focus. Give your brain the boost it needs to dominate. Chaos and Pain has everything you need to make it happen, today!

  • Bacchus
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    COMING VERY SOON! Sometimes you've gotta slow life down a bit... In today's insanely busy world, it's easy to get overwhelmed, stressed out, and dejected.  Sure, stimulants on their own help, but sometimes you need a bit more of a break from life...

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  • PWND Gamerz - Aggro
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    PWND Gamerz - Aggro

    PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels you ways other energy drinks cannot- it combines traditional and newer, more novel...

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  • Cannibal Genius Nootropic
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    Cannibal Genius Nootropic

    One can never, ever be too intelligent, but this is Chaos and Pain's attempt at getting us all to the point where people start remarking that we might be a little overly intellectually intimidating. Cannibal Genius, one of Chaos and Pain's nootropic...

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