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Cannibal Genius Nootropic


(84 customer reviews)

One can never, ever be too intelligent, but this is Chaos and Pain’s attempt at getting us all to the point where people start remarking that we might be a little overly intellectually intimidating. Cannibal Genius, one of Chaos and Pain’s nootropic supplements, will put your brain on hyperdrive, nothing on Earth can touch this blend for focus, memory, cognition, and mood.

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Cannibal Genius Nootropic

One can never, ever be too intelligent, but this is Chaos and Pain’s attempt at getting us all to the point where people start remarking that we might be a little overly intellectually intimidating. Cannibal Genius, one of Chaos and Pain’s nootropic supplements, will put your brain on hyperdrive, nothing on Earth can touch this blend for focus, memory, cognition, and mood.

Cannibal Genius Nootropic Ingredients – Each serving of Cannibal Genius contains:

L-Tyrosine.  Though it’s one of the old guard of nootropic supplements, it’s hung around as long as it has because it works.  Two full grams of L-Tyrosine will ensure that you will have maximal cognitive function under less-than-optimal situations, most notably those which are stress- and anxiety-filled.

Alpha GPC.  This particular type of choline has proved remarkably adept at increasing power output and in improving cognition.  Cannibal Genius contains 600mg of the stuff, the exact amount used in one study to increase growth hormone production, which means this magical stuff can do everything from reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s (in double the dose used here) to improving general cognition to improving power output on the bench press.  Additionally, it is essential if you plan to stack Cannibal Genius with non-supplemental cholinergic chemicals to enhance cognition. 

Lions Mane Extract. Also known as yamabushitake, this is a mushroom native to Japan that has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline.  Cannibal Genius contains 600mg of this mushroom extract to create the calm focus you need for any kind of intellectual pursuit.

Beta-Phenylethylamine. PEA, otherwise known as beta-phenylethylamine, is a fast-acting, naturally occurring trace amine neurotransmitter that improves creativity, sexuality, mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, awareness, energy, and sensory perceptions.  Cannibal Genius contains half a gram of this stuff, so you’ll be shot out of a cannon and grinning like an idiot as soon as you enter that test, business meeting, or whatever you need to be at the top of your game for.  

Rhodiola Rosea.  Cannibal Genius is packed with 450mg of this nearly magical herb.It stabilizes mood, lowers anxiety, promotes mental function, improves sleep, and alters perception of difficult tasks so they seem easier to do.  

Bacopa Monnieri.  We threw 300mg of this herb, which has been shown in research on humans to reduce or remove social anxiety, such as fear of being judged or inhibited, in addition to reducing or eliminating issues related to depression, to ensure that when you make a statement on this stuff, you have the temerity to make it authoritative.

Caffeine Anhydrous. Caffeine is the mother of all stimulants and a potent nootropic as well.  With the combination of caffeine and PEA you’ll be wide-eyed and alert, but cheerful and without anxiety.

L-Theanine.  L-Theanine elevates levels of the neurotransmitters GABA, serotonin, and dopamine, as well as promoting a state of wakeful relaxation by enhancing alpha brain waves.  Cannibal Genius rocks out with 200mg of the stuff to keep that wild-eyed, big-brained energy roaring through your veins nice and cheerful.

Cannibal Genius.  It might not be magical, but you’d have to take a bunch of it to learn the vocabulary adequate enough to describe its effectiveness at turning an everyday human into a cheerful, energy-filled maniac.

84 reviews for Cannibal Genius Nootropic

  1. Anthonee Sever – Toronto, Ontario

    Do you even know what you are missing out on? this stuff is so legit!

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    Currently working on my doctorate while simultaneously prepping for several competitions. Stumbled across this absolute diamond of a supplement because I was impressed with the ingredient profile. I was looking for something that could provide me with a bit of clean energy but was geared more towards focus so it could function for serval different purposes (either while conducting research or trying to focus at the gym). I have my father (age 67) running a half dosage several times a week, so it can help him stay focused and energized as he still runs his own business (and because I observed a few instances of early Alzheimer’s with him) so a possible win-win all around.

    I have tried many different cognitive enhancing supplements over the past 4 years, some of which are now extremely difficult to come across, and have found this one to stand above the rest in general (others do serve specific purposes, but their specificity created limitations and thus could not justify their usage)

    Cannibal Genius exceed my expectations and works each and every time I take it (which is typically 2-3x a week and either a full or half dose) I quite literally ripped through 80 pages of reading and a 23 page write up this weekend which prompted me to review this product because I typically don’t take the time to do such things. But I will in this instance I will because, seriously, thank you Chaos and Pain.

  3. Ryan crest

    Pretty damn amazing

  4. Rick H.

    I cannot wait for this to come back in stock. Thanks for the tip Garage Gym Homie

  5. Noah (verified owner)

    This s**t will turn the most introverted people into cassanovas. Seriously this stuff rocks! Researched other nootropics and this one is loaded compared to all the others.

    I have a lot of health problems that really effect my energy levels, so a lot of the time I don’t feel very social. It sucks!

    Been taking these for a month and the effects are truly as the ingredients state. I’m f***ing flying when I pop a full dose.

    Whether I’m copywriting, in a conversation, doing yard work, or working out, the effects are just insane!

    Just yesterday, right before my haircut, I popped a full serving. I was sitting in the barber chair so relaxed and talkative. We were laughing it up. Afterwards, I hit the liquor store and chatted up the cashier.

    Then, while at the grocery store, I had this insane feeling come over me that most definitely had to be the Bacopa Monnieri kicking in. I felt like I could do literally anything without fearing the consequences. It was wild!

    Can you tell I took some today? LOL. I popped some in after being completely hungover this morning and did 3 hours of yard work without stopping. Was literally sprinting across the lawn weedwacking EVERYTHING.

    Can’t make this stuff up. About to buy some more right now. If you’re a shy person or someone with health problems that wishes they had a nice cognitive boost, these pills will be your best friend.

  6. J (verified owner)

    Gives you a nice mental edge to get [email protected]# done

  7. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is my first official Nootropic with Noopet and so far its been helping me in the gym. Sometimes my body is rested and ready for heavy weights, but the mind is still foggy. With 2 caps of Cannibal Genius (45 day supply) i have the the clear focus to take on each rep correctly. Cant wait to stack it with Bacchus!

  8. Adrian (verified owner)

    It’s not NZT from the movies. I can’t suddenly speak 7 different languages, but I am much more focused and almost double my productivity at work! Great Product!

    I would love to see how Cannibal Genius works when stacked with other neurotropics.

  9. Allan (verified owner)

    Bought this to help with focusing on writing papers for school, help a bit but it really shines through when working out. I take two with or without some Cannibal Ferox and my focus in the gym for the next to hours is crazy. I smash the weights. Definitely getting more once i run out.

  10. Neil (verified owner)

    first time trying a nootropic, and I’m pretty impressed. I dove straight into using this and the Cannibal Ferox Amped together for both my workouts; HIIT & cardio w/some basic lifting, and straight up boxing and Muay Thai bag rounds.

    Definitely feel the difference in focus in the later rounds/workouts, and it helps me get my head together while I’m warming up, as I don’t usually figure out my workouts in advance, so using this while going on the fly has definitely made a massive difference for me. Very happy with it.

  11. Nick fury (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first. Never really trying and C&P products. But recently with school I felt the need I needed a extra boost so I started looking into cannibal genius and was kind of shocked when reading the ingredients and info. So I purchased and haven’t been disappointed. It’s a calm focus no jitters just helps you see things way clearer and more intense. My focus and multi tasking is through the tough during this exam week. Thanks y’all this stuff is great.

  12. Carmen Di Mino (verified owner)

    This product has a strange way of letting you know that it’s working without being obvious that it’s working. There’s no immediate crack addict rush. There’s no profuse sweating. It’s a calm focus unlike any stimulant can muster. A great introduction to the nootropic realm and you’ll probably end up buying them on BOGO sales because of some magical IQ gain that may seem slightly placebic. Don’t deny the genius!

  13. Matt (verified owner)

    I love this supplement. It sharpens the focus and greased the wheels I’m my brain. It’s not overbearing and not straight caffeine.

  14. Logan Lemieux (verified owner)

    This was the first nootropic blend I ever tried and to this day it is still one of the best. Good for anyone looking to first try out a nootropic.

  15. Seth Mallalieu (verified owner)

    Feels like your on something you shouldn’t be your focus is so sharp. Pair with a little caffeine and you got one productive morning of work or workout

  16. Theodore Johnson (verified owner)

    It may be USPS fault. Tracking showed shipping label created for over a week. I am still waiting for product. It arrived in a few day’s my first order. Other than shipping issue the stuff is amazing

  17. Vikingstrikingmma (verified owner)

    I take “Genius” before my daily training and it keeps me sharp as an axe! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their workouts as well as their daily grind!

  18. chris (verified owner)

    This pill has everything needed to be the primary component to a great nootropic stack. I take it everyday sometimes two or three times a day. It could totally use more alpha gpc in the blend and maybe some caffeine and theanine,but i digress lol its well worth it its practicality the same price as just the noopept in it. I hipe you guys branch more into the nootropic market id be glad to test or consult on blends

  19. Brianna (verified owner)

    Like everyone else, I was super spectacle about it. And I’ve had my fair share of supplements and have tried to remove anything not necessary. I got this to try and get a little more into my training sessions. As I work a physically demanding job and then try and stay in shape at the same time. This stuff is POTENT. I wouldn’t recommend taking it everyday, just in the days you plan on training HARD. It literally makes me focus on the task (workout) at hand and it’ll make you go non-stop until you’ve finished. And even when you do finish you still got more in the tank. Great product. Just use it wisely.

  20. Brandon T. (verified owner)

    This is from mygood friend and Client Steve Vail.

    My name is Steve Vail and I am a stage four cancer survivor. I want to give you a brief version of my cancer story to explain why I chose to take cannibal genius and how it has helped me.
    In May 2014 I had a mole on my hip that went rogue and after the biopsy I was told I had stage 3B melanoma cancer. I was told it is the most aggressive skin cancer there is. I chose to have surgery to remove the mole opted not to have radiation or chemo therapy. In November 2015 I went into the emergency room because I was having some severe cognitive issues. After a brain MRI I was told that I had 6 tumors in my brain. The largest one (golf ball size) was bleeding and causing me to have those issues. They were able to remove that tumor and we chose to have radiation take care of the other 5. Within two months of my radiation treatment I had another MRI and was told that they were 8 new tumors starting to grow. Fortunately for me, there was a brand-new treatment that was having amazing success and so I chose to have that treatment rather than another surgery or more radiation. The good news is the treatment worked in the tumors were gone, but the radiation I had done previously created a new issue. There was a tumor (size of a large grape) situated in the part of the brain that controls speech and necrosis (dying or dead tissue) started to spread in that area. I had another surgery to remove the dead tissue and to keep it from spreading. I had an amazing surgeon and the surgery was successful. I have been very lucky and for the most part I am pretty much the same guy that I was. However, I find myself struggling to find the words to express my thoughts. Simple words that I have used 1 million times just disappear from my mind and I find myself struggling to finish sentences. I often times will begin a sentence and halfway through will completely lose track of what I was saying and where I was going and find myself sitting there feeling like an idiot hoping and praying that my train of thought will come back into my mind… And more often than not it doesn’t.
    I am lucky enough to do the color commentating for BYU’s men’s volleyball team. I have been doing it for 10+ years and our broadcast goes all over the world. Our producer has been amazing and very generous toward me and my situation and has allowed me to continue doing those broadcasts. However, with these cognitive issues the few matches we’ve done this year have been a very harrowing experience for me. That is where cannibal genius comes in. When I started taking CG I didn’t really feel any different in the first couple of days. But what I started noticing is that when I took those pills consecutively and as it built up in my system I began to recognize that those episodes were becoming less and less frequent. All of a sudden I was able to have conversations with someone that flowed rather than me stuttering and stammering to turn my thoughts into words. There is no way that I would’ve had the courage to continue commentating for BYU without the confidence I feel from taking CG! Not only has it appeared to replace or repair those synapses but I really do feel confident when I take those pills that I am as smart or even smarter than I was even before my brain surgeries! I can’t put into words how amazing it is for me to be able to say that! I owe my friend Brandon Talbot HUGE for introducing me to CG and putting me on the path to total recovery! A few months ago I saw myself going from a guy with a decent sense of humor and a quick wit that loved the spotlight and the chance to make someone laugh, to a guy that would shrink himself down, afraid to open his mouth in a one-on-one or in a group setting for fear of embarrassing himself. Now here I am, back on TV and feeling good about myself and my progression! I’m not 100% healed, but I’m on my way and I have CG to thank for that!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your research and studies and for making CG available to and the world!

  21. matt (verified owner)

    this stuff is fantastic. it has the clear crisp feeling of a good preworkout with awesome mental clarity.

  22. Reggie (verified owner)

    Clean, clear, crisp focus and cognitive function! Stacks great with preworkout! Awesome product!!

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product. I use it 3 times a week before regular presentations I give. This ensures I am clear, sharp, quick, and high energy.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am totally on top mentally with this product. It is very powerful, and will remain working long after your morning dose, so don’t overdo it. You will feel a confidence and gain the respect of others as a no nonsense type. Dreams are lucid and last longer. Focus, concentration, short tern memory, ability to multi task, quick on the uptake, creativity, and no lack of terminology are some of the benefits. Again, it is potent, so you might take a break after so many days, then go back. Results differ because we are not the same, but anyone can gain positive results by taking this product responsibly.

  25. Daniel

    I used to love preworkouts. Mesomorph, Ferox, Ferox AMPED, Super bioFreak, strongest of the strong shit to get you going. After years of preworkout abuse, my anxiety said hell no and it had to stop. I haven’t been able to enjoy that RUSH I loved in forever, without feeling like my heart is going to fucking explode, along with my brain. I ordered this, anxious about me having an anxiety attack with it, but i took the risk and took JUST ONE, right after i ate, just in case. Fighting some nervousness for about 10-15, oh my fucking god………… felt like i took the meanest preworkout of my fucking life, i felt like I was focused on EVERYTHING. I was insanely aware of everything going on around me. This is what it feels to be able to multi task. It’s truely mindblowing. Your brain feels like it’s going at 1,000,000 miles an hour being able to process EVERYTHING INSTANTANEOUSLY. It literally feels like you’re everywhere at once in the room. You’re able to focus on what’s in front of you while focusing on having a conversation with someone else, AND listening to another conversation and being to be fully aware of everything, holy fuck. It almost feels like you’re going to panic but you can’t, like something in it is protecting you from it and you feel amazing, in a great mood and could talk to everyone. It was truly an experience for me!

  26. Richard Labranche

    Had no idea what I was getting myself into. I tried the genius by itself and I love it. Focus and mental clarity beyond comparison. Stacking it with ferox dials in an unparalleled lazer focus, rampaging energy, powerhouse.

  27. Anonymous

    I noticed a decrease in brain fog when taking it. Personally , I’ve yet to notice any side effects. It’s definitely not making my memory any worse , so I would definitely recommend it.

  28. Anonymous

    Best nootropic

  29. Steve Jr

    As with new supplements I try I’m somewhat hesitant/skeptical. Started noticing more clarity and quicker thought processing within a few days. Now I take this every day. I ran out by accident and these guys hauled ass and got it to me faster than expected. End thought? Why are you still reading this and not ordering??????

  30. Wendy Tahy

    Retail manager for a high volume store. I need the focus, and this delivers. Works incredibly stacked with pre-workout for the gym.
    Definitely give it a try.

  31. Andrew Duran

    Started taking this especially now that I’m back in school and it has made a huge difference. I hate math with a burning passion and this has helped me not kill my professor. Super recommend to all students!

  32. Anonymous

    Been taking two @185bw and I have really noticed a difference in my focus in the gym and in class even when I don’t want to pay attention in class

  33. chris

    Went to a dinner party I didn’t want to be at, took a serving just before we left and this put my pretend to care game on point. Was nodding like a boss and engaging as fuck. This got my through and made it seem like I cared what they were talking about.

  34. Justin Maddux

    I prefer to take this product for school and have found it to work very well concerning my ability to remember answers and communicate them effortlessly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone given the stress associated with modern life and the drain it can have on your brain.

  35. Anonymous

    Very good

  36. James

    I honestly did not know what to expect walking into this product. I wanted to see what this stuff was about, and my brain is always a big mess of ideas and procrastination so I thought I would give it a whirl. Now I cannot imagine what it would be like without the stuff. Thoughts are clear. Ideas, easy to convey. There is no wasted time. I have a very sincere love for this, especially with the inferno and the ferox. If you want focus and mental drive give this stuff a shot.

  37. andy

    still the best out there – massive focus !

  38. Steve

    Made me think on a higher level.

    Send me some free samples..

  39. Anonymous

    First off, I want to say chaos and pain, keep doing the dang thing. I’ve tried all products and I will always buy this product. Amazing!

  40. Anonymous

    Awesome nootropics!

  41. Daniel

    Cannibal genius works. Was skeptical at first
    But after a few days of taking one in the morning
    And one right after work and then stopped for a
    A day I could tell a difference. Plan on trying a few
    other things from chaos and pain soon. Thanks CNP.

  42. Anonymous

    I pop two in the morning
    and feel sharp all day. They
    really clear that mid-afternoon
    haze. Definitely recommend.

  43. Anonymous

    Works like a charm. Highly recommend!

  44. Anonymous Coward

    I take this as recommended to help me study for exams and write a dissertation. I have been taking it for about a week now, and I am not entirely convinced of its effectiveness. It does not seem to help me with focus as much as I was hoping it would, but I am also not willing to quit taking it yet.

    I had also hoped that it would improve memory access—I know a lot of stuff, but I have trouble remembering what I want, when I want. Again, I am not ready to give up on this supplement, but so far, its effects have not been as spectacular as the AMPed/Inferno stack has been for my needs.

  45. Ethan

    I had to try it after reading about it. I am glad I did. I used it for three days and ordered da Vinci to try as a stack. It gives you an extremely calm and relaxed feeling and all of the information around you feels a little bit easier to absorb. I take one or two a day and I feel on top of my game. I honestly can’t wait to see the next thing CnP introduces.

  46. Anonymous

    Cannibal Genius was my go-to supplement when I needed a boost for writing my thesis, studying for boards or cranking through a hard workout. Chaos and Pain products have yet to disappoint.

  47. VikingMan-CrazyCrackheadCraniumCrusher

    This is truely an amazing product. It’s really hard to tell exactly what they do but boy do they work. A total riddance of the barriers between thought and action in my case. A very clear and cognitive boost to every aspect of my being. Focus part helps alot in the gym and being an artist i can vouch for these guys when it comes to painting and keeping concentration and focus for long hours. Thank you Chaos and Pain!

    This is the shit right here!

  48. Sam Kent

    So this is gonna be long-winded but its ok, because even though its 4pm on a monday, I am done with work for today because this magic formula helped me concentrate and bang it out before the rest of the bohemians I work with made it back from their petty lunch breaks. Upon purchasing this product, I was pretty skeptical, I have tried quite a few nootropics from a variety of sources, and like all things that have been promised to me it was usually a gigantic F*cking lie. I heard from very reputable source that Chaos and Pain had a noopept nootropic that was the bomb-diggity, so I looked into. Website looked legit, they also made pre-workouts and other alpha-type shit, so I was game. Then it took a turn for the worse, I ordered the product, then subscribed to their emailing list and realized afterwards that I got a 15% off coupon I probably could have used. Being the Pre-cannibal genius pansy I was I emailed in trying to get the price reduced using the coupon, and the folks at Chaos and Pain replied in the most appropriate way possible, by completely ignoring me. I was mad at the time, but its all good now, because I noticed the genius in this tactic only now that I have been taking their wonder-supp for about two weeks now. What I failed to realize, is for a magnificent product like this one, you dont pay anything less than what the divine wisdom of the creators of chaos and Pain tell you to pay you f*cking peasant!….nonetheless I digress. Not only did the product arrive in a very timely fashion but everything about the experience of receving it set a precedence for how my life was to come. It came in a perfectly square box, this may seem unimportant but I live in an apartment building with one of those weird multi-unit mailboxes that are really skinny and long, so long story short the shit was stuck in the mailbox. My pre-Cannibal Genius punk ass looked at it, sighed like a biznitch at how annoying this was going to be to try to pry out, and reluctantly placed my hand in to grab it out. As soon as my hands touched the box, the heavens open up, and a super-jacked Jesus who was vascular AF looked at me and was like “you ready for some life-changing shit to go down?”. I was filled with the confidence of a 70’s bodybuilder who was warped back in time to fight alongside leonidas and the 300 spartans but was able to take back a heavy machine gun to rock some Persian shit! I ripped that MF out of the mailbox (broke the mailbox in the process, dont care, told the landlord he needed to fix it, he did, cause hes not taking cannibal genius so his brainwaves are beta AF), opened the package and look at the dope as bottle design (another plus in my opinion). Then looked at the serving size..1 pill?? and theres 90 per bottle! thats a deal and half right there. Already pleased by my fiscally Alpha side, I looked at the ingredients! not only is there a manly heap of noopept in there, its also got Alpha GPC, Sulbutiamine, Ginkgo, and a bunch of other goodies for your brain! didnt know that before I bought it, that another plus! Opened that bitch up, popped one in, and BAM! whole new life. Ive got the mental energy to fill out grad school apps, finish up finals like a f*ckin boss, alter my workout and diet regiment to be more time efficient and effective, socialize like a normal person, I dont take my ADD medication anymore cause I dont need to, and I gamed a chick down so much at a bar within an hour and a half we were doin the horizontal-love dance back at my place. Long story short, buy the shit, if your on the fence…buy the shit. if you want to be the best possible person you can be both mentally which also means physically, intellectually and everything else your brain controls…buy this shit. Even if your not reading this right now BUY THIS SHIT! and if your reading this over at Chaos and Pain, Virtual high five, Id buy another bottle right now if I wasnt broke AF at the moment from using all my money to start a forex trading account! I am definitely gonna try Davinci next, but Cannibal genius is a product I intend to take for the rest of my life! or as long as you guys keep making it…which better be forever!

  49. Anonymous

    First thing i want to say is that CnP has hands down the best customer service I’ve ever experienced with any company. Wayne is the man, he gets back to you with no nonsense information, honesty and what seems like a genuine interest in you having a good experience with them. Love these guys and i hope they are prospering from all this. This is the second product I’ve used from CnP, the first obviously being the Ferox which is totally bonkers and I’ve already shared my thoughts on that. The Genius is a different thing all together. What it does for me is gives me a lot of great energy, focus and drive to get things accomplished. Ideas just flow more fluently in my mind as well. The biggest effect i have noticed however is verbal fluidity. My ability to recall diction and form sentences seems to be enhanced tremendously. I work in sales and my interaction with customers seems to just be in slow motion, i articulate ideas and thoughts more clearly and my ability to close sales has increased immensely. A word of caution however, when i first took genius, the first three or four times i felt a little more irritable than normal. I can’t be sure if that was as a direct result of the genius or other factors in my life but what i can say is that it no longer happens at all, and I’ve probably used it over a hundred time since. Hope this helped 🙂

  50. Keith Fergusson

    I really like genius. Really, really like it.

    Genius seems to give a real improvement in my focus, and attention to detail.

    I use it when I have mentally taxing or time sensitive work.

  51. Devon

    I love all CnP products and owe a good amount of my success at work to them. A new parent never getting a good sleep mixed with late nights and early mornings at work could be a combination to create a complete useless shit bag. Thanks to Ferox and Genius though I’m seen as one of the most switched on and motivated guys. Never dozing off, never groggy, and always firing on all cylinders.

    The only product I could ever give less than 5 stars to was the first batch of ferox, and that’s just because it tasted like ground up meth addicts filtered through the ashes of pirate hookers.

  52. Anonymous

    I’m taking at least three caps a day, because really the studies daily dose of alpha gpc is around 600 mg but I can’t get there without taking 80 mg of noopept with these, which is alright, I don’t mind to much. Three caps seems to work pretty good, 2 in the Morning and one around lunch. On top of research I seem to be fixin at least one piece of broken lab equipment a day. Which is nice. Had a headache or two to start then it subsided. I got shit to do son!!

  53. Anonymous

    My focus has gone up considerably since taking this product. Helps keep a clear and sharp mind where it’s needed (school, work, training) without crashing out later on.
    (For those skeptics scanning the reviews wondering about whether or not to believe the hype…believe the hype!)

  54. Caleb

    I checked out Chaos and Pain about a month ago and the reviews on their supplements were all pretty solid, which seemed fishy, but I gave them a try anyways. I used Cannibal Genius and Cannibal Da Vinci as cognition-improving supplements, and Cannibal Alpha as a post-cycle testosterone and libido booster. All of the products worked exactly as stated. The Cannibal Da Vinci increased thought fluidity and makes college paper writing much easier. It also improved my idea making for the poetry that I write. Cannibal Genius literally makes me feel like I can blow things up with my mind… That should be explanation enough. Cannibal Alpha improves sex drive and performance and seems to have testosterone boosting effects too. I have never been so thoroughly impressed with a supplement company. All of the ingredients in Chaos and Pain supplements check out. I researched every ingredient in all of the supplements I listed and they are all legitimate. If you like the description provided under the supplement you’re looking at from Chaos and Pain, rest assured it does what it says. Some of these supplements can be hardcore, so if you are not prepared to experience freakish intelligence or sex drive or whatever it is you are looking for, then this is not the supplement company for you. Highly recommend all products through Chaos and Pain.

  55. Suicide Mike

    Produces a nice clean energy/focus. May need more than one cap at higher bodyweights.

  56. Jennifer

    Don’t be an idiot – buy this shiz. Very solid and smooth nootropic, please save your money you were saving up for Alpha Brain and go C&P instead. Please.

  57. Anonymous

    This noot keeps me sharp. No memory lag, no afternoon slump. nothing. Take one in the AM and one before training. My colleagues have noticed the difference. When I stopped taking one, they all commented that I didn’t get enough sleep. This stuff keeps you sharp.

  58. plzsendmemore

    Massive focus! I slept only 2 hours Last night and went to Work tired as fuck. Took 1 genius and 1 cup of coffee, i was working nonstop 8 hours in the office with insane drive. Is this Really legal?
    Feels like there is some drugs in it

  59. gina perry

    Wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt normal, but during lecture, I was correctly answering questions that no one else got right! And answering them fast! I’m usually lagging at the end of the class. I scored better than I ever have on a practice exam (nursing). This put my mind into overdrive… definitely the edge I need for end of semester finals! I’m a mid-life career changer and let me tell you, it’s been really tough. Today, while studying for finals, I tested myself and did way better than usual! I seem to retain and recall info, content is much clearer…. today’s my 3rd day taking this, and I’ve been sleeping way better too. Normally I wake up a couple of times during the night, but for the past couple of nights, I’ve slept right through.

  60. Anonymous

    In one word: euphoric.

    In more: There’s this smoothness that I can feel in everything, for example, moving around just feels good.

    Time seems to fly by and slow down at once, I feel like I can get more done and when I complete something I can move onto another without a thought.

    btw the 6x6x6 box was a nice touch

  61. Tom

    I can’t put an exact description on it, but it definitely worth trying… i don’t use it regularly but on those days when i feel like i need to clear my head. I have taken it before playing softball, before working out and prior to leaving for the office, and it really works for me on all three.

  62. John

    I’m going to echo several others here, in that my expectations were that I’d experience some kind of euphoric high where I’d blast through work and everything would be easy. Not so, you barely even notice it kicking in but this stuff makes you FOCUS. You will run through work, but not like you imagine. For me it just makes me want to do work and able to focus easier, like my brain craves some kind of stimulation. As a college senior, I wish I would’ve had this shit the past few years. I’m only on my first bottle but plan on re-upping as soon as I’m out. I hope other C&P products work half as good as this.

    PS It’s even better stacked with caffeine or EC. I’ve read that it’s great mixed with Da Vinci and/or Inferno and plan on trying those out in the future.

  63. Lucien Koefoed

    I’ve been taking 2-3 each day along with 2-3 inferno for a couple of months now.
    Initially the effects were subtle, slightly better attention span, short-term memory a bit faster.
    As I look back now I realize that literally all of my thoughts have become significantly more fluid; I can study something for 3-4 hours without a break and still feel fresh.
    Highly recommended, far far better than just noopept by itself.

  64. Jae

    I’ve been using this nootropic daily for three months and notice a marked clarity and boost in the intensity of my ability to focus. Take this shit and destroy your opposition with intelligence.

  65. AG

    In a world of fabled fools and false promise, the more I buy these radically named and meticulously designed products, the more I appreciate the integrity of the Chaos and Pain brand. This product delivers. Period.
    It’s not like a magic NZT pill off the movie Limitless, nor will it send your cerebral arteries into spasm and send your heart into rhythmic chaos. The experience can be described as a subtle heightened focus, and enhanced mental state. There is little patience for surrounding idiocy, and maximal drive for getting things done. Over time, there is a cumulative effect of the noopept, and as even minor details are effortlessly brought back into the realm of conscious memory. I have consulted Jamie a few times regarding mega dosing this product, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. If you can tolerate the acacia rigidula, which I can, upping the dose will only serve to make you sharper. Astounding yourself is only the beginning.

  66. Tyler

    I had never taken anything for cognitive enhancement or focus before. So I was little nervous about purchasing this product. I am happy I picked it up, though! Genius is true to form and sort of “pulls” you into this really cool focused state where you are on point, on task, and aware of all the variables. You don’t just hit a switch and get to work. By the time you realize it’s kicked in, you are already blazing through whatever you have in front of you. Get it. Try it.

  67. Anonymous

    Another great product. I’m not going to jump into hyperbole about it making you smarter as such. I find the effect is more on concentration: this wakens you up, focuses you and stops distractions crowding your thoughts.

    I am >30, married and have an extremely stressful job all of which affect your thought processes more than most people realise. It is difficult for me to focus on one task without becoming distracted and emotional factors like anxiety can bleed into my decision making.

    This gives you your own smarts, but under optimal conditions – like if you were wide awake after a good nights sleep, but also twenty, single and living off your parents.

    About 10min after taking it, sights and sounds shift into clearer focus. Then there is a subtle sense of focus and mental clarity which seems to last for the remainder of the day.

    And like some studies with noopept show, it seems to have a cumulative affect as you keep using it.

    I am going to stock up and pray it never gets banned.

  68. Anonymous

    This shit is pretty cool.. I’ve only had it a few days and don’t take it every day.. I almost feel mildy lit after poppin two before I do any studying or training. I noticed when training a client I zone in way more than usual and my attention to detail is much better. Also had a rock solid hard on swacking on my chick, good shit

  69. Tony

    First of all I would like to say that C&P support is one of the best I have ever encountered.

    After my original order got messed up in an american post office, they immediatley offered me a refund and resend my exact order without any further trouble.
    (by the way fellow austrians, you can order without having a hard time explaining to border control why you are importing nootropics)

    Concerning Genius:
    It’s the first time I have tried out noopept but I am not unfamiliar with modafinil. As you can’t really compary the two I’m just going to go ahead and say that I like noopept more.

    It works very subtle, yet you realize how much more focused you are. No tunnelvision or anything crazy, simply steady, calm focus. My mood has been improved greatly and my working moral is through the roof. I get shit done withing a few hours now and spend the rest of the day working euphorically on a few personal projects.

    I have been studying japanese for about a year now and learning kanji as well as japanese grammar is so much easier!
    The first time I thought it was placebo, but my memory and learning ability has been improved SIGNIFICANTLY.
    On top nothing can distract me. I freaking love this stuff!
    I am going to give this to all of my friends going to med school. They need it almost more than I do, I’ll let you know what they think about it later on.

    What else is there to say?
    -I sleep like a baby on this stuff. Getting to bed once you are done with everything is alright but if you left something on your to do list which you could do right now you are very likely to stay up all night and get it done.

    -My conversation skills were always great but now they have improved even more.

    Hitting the gym is a little bit strange on noopept though. I feel kind of emotionless except for the slight euphoria that always accompanies the consumption of this nootropic blend. So getting pissed and hitting the weights with vengeance is really difficult. Instead of attacking the iron with the murderous anger of a viking warrior on 1,3 DMAA and angel dust (that’d sum up FEROX) this is more of the cold, calmly calculated approach. You get everything done with ease but at the end of your training session you look back and feel the same. There is no emotional outlet, just this dim feeling of being on noopept.
    Which is fucking great don’t get me wrong! I love this shit and just reordered it. But the gym experience is more like a practice session. Not an all out “killing-it” experience.

    Anyway I can’t stop talking/writing when on Noopept so I’ll just go ahead and say, if you are spending a lot of time in college libraries or are generally in the need of something that makes your office time so much more badass:

    Don’t forget to eat. I have to force myself to shovel in food. My appetite is simply gone although it doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem. Instead, getting my ass to the kitchen table when I’m busy tearing through biochemistry or languages is!

  70. Tyler

    But it absolutely helps your brain fire on all cylinders.

    I love this stuff. Worth every penny.

  71. phil

    first off, prompt & easy delivery to the uk, nine days from order to arrival, nice one.
    quality stim – best way to describe it is like that calm euphoric feeling you tend to get when you’ve had a solid productive day behind you where you got stacks of important shit done.
    if you’re looking for an amphetamine-like rush or an nzt48-type transformation, then i don’t think you’ll get lucky with this kit. neither will it instantly banish any procrastination issues, nor will it solve a lack of motivation, but i found that if you know what you need to do and ensure you have plenty of it lined up, then it’s going to put you into a nice focused flow state.
    like it says on the label, avoid mixing with any forms of caffeine in order to get max benefit. if done together, i found it simply enhances the caffeine effects instead of vice verca, leaving me slightly wired and unable to achieve that full-on tunnel focus.
    i found that two tabs sorted me nicely for the whole day and in spite of having avoided any other stimulants and having kept well busy with training and work, i still found it difficult to go to sleep, interesting.
    also good for fun or pointless stuff – been meaning to read nassim taleb’s “antifragile” (chunky treatise on things that gain from disorder, sort of an intellectual chaos&pain) and last sunday knocked it out in one go, boy did i feel clever after that.
    like i said, good solid stuff that will help you get things done with no discernible side or after-effects, nice one!

  72. Anonymous

    This product definitely delivers what it promises. In the short time I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed an increase in my focus levels and productivity. Looking forward to seeing what long-term benefits this product will give me.

  73. Tano

    I’ve grown more impressed with Cannibal Genius as the weeks have gone by. I find myself using words and discussing topics I haven’t engaged in since my university days. Budgeting, study, gaming, dealing with work just feels easier and instead of spending a lot of time pondering, I just get things done more efficiently. I have also noticed a better overall mood and a slight tendency to start to ramble about stupid things like “what if Google is Skynet and the terminators are coming?”

    As with all supplements, some get a instant reaction, some take a while and sometimes you just end up a few dollars short of a full wallet. But for myself, Genius is something that will stay in my rotation for quite some time and you should at least check it out, in my opinion.

  74. Andy R

    Just started using Genius. These are my first noortropics and so far I’m
    impressed. I’m getting a subtle but definite effect. It totally different
    to stims but I’m feeling a lot of mental clarity, increases in
    concentration and productivity.

  75. Dave Marcus

    All kidding aside, I love this stuff. Definitely a difference in cognition and mental acuity since I started using it.

    With the rate of new ideas and projects I am conceiving I feel fully confident I shall solve time travel and, finally resolve why general relativity alone cannot explain the observed motions of galaxies or the way the universe seems to expand. Had Einstein had Cannibal Genius, we all would have time machines.

  76. Jami D.

    ADHD here and hate to take meds for it. This, however, has definitely helped me focus and be more productive. Love the mood boost with it. Felt more alert, no jitters, no shakes. I keep a bottle tucked away at work.

  77. Med Student

    2 weeks and one bottle later I can definitely say I feel the difference. Not only have I been able to increase my total workload for the day (going from 30 to 120 pages of dry medical texts, 3 times per day), but my recall is starting to become exceptional.

    I used to have an issue with mental fogginess after the 12th hour of studying but its gone, and I’m easily pulling 14-16 hours these days. I’ve read my entire syllabus in 5 days, and can say I recall 70-80% of it.

    This **** is for real. It just isn’t a stim and you have to patient with it. The effects appear so subtly I just assumed I’d gotten smarter. Only when I looked back at my old work capacity and the level of re-reads I had to do to cover a topic did I realize I had improved immensely. I take 2 caps in the morning and 4 with lunch, and a caffeine pill and a protein shake with each.

  78. Suicide Mike

    Didn’t get too much of a stim buzz or energy kick per se, but definitely felt more alert without the jitters. Focus was dialed in greatly. Great pre-w/o when stacked with ferox.

  79. Jeff

    I work as a Financial Analyst and spend a good majority of my time staring at and manipulating spread sheets. I have found that this product increases my speed at which I work through and on these spread sheets which is a plus. Also I love taking this with any preworkout as it adds another level of focus!

  80. Kyle Newell

    I have been using this for 2 weeks now. It is a great option rather than just pounding a pot of coffee per day. No crashes, just focus!

  81. Anonymous

    Like other nootropics I’ve tried it doesn’t seem particularly potent. I didn’t notice any difference in my focus or clarity of mind after taking two pills. So the next day I took four at once. I noted an increase in energy comparable to drinking a small cup of coffee. This was disappointing because i was hoping for something more along the lines of NZT from limitless. Perhaps my expectations were a bit too high. But I wouldn’t compare this product to adderall.

  82. Tom

    I take this stuff when I know my day is going to be tedious. 2 of these make staring at spreadsheets all day a bit easier. The effect isn’t extremely profound, but if you want that you should just get some Ritalin anyway. If you need a boost in your focus you should give this a shot.

  83. Grateful Customer

    Great job Guys. This is by far the best brain-building/cognitive-combat combo out there. What a stack! Game changer.

  84. Cody

    Tried first dosage of Genius today after having abstained from caffeine for 24 hours. Dosed one cap to test for adverse reaction. Dosed second cap at +1 hour. Not particularly intense as far as stim goes, but smooth/significant and coupled with a nice mood boost. Significant increase in HR with no BP spike (measured with my cuff on both arms, no orthostatic fluctuations). Focus was improved and effects lasted 6ish hours. Dosed swole and ferox at t+8 hours with no adverse effect.

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