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Cannibal Genius Nootropic

Cannibal Genius Nootropic

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One can never, ever be too intelligent, but this is Chaos and Pain's attempt at getting us all to the point where people start remarking that we might be a little overly intellectually intimidating. Cannibal Genius, one of Chaos and Pain's nootropic supplements, will put your brain on hyperdrive, as the 44 different amines and alkaloids in acacia rigidula will give you a nice little burst of energy to go with the noopept we piled in to improve your memory like nothing ever has. Then, just to add insult to injury for your intellectual rivals, we dropped alpha GPC, gingko, sulbutiamine, bacopa, acetyl l-carnitine, theanine, and vitamin D3 into the mix. Nothing on Earth can touch this blend for focus, memory, and cognition.

Get some.

Cannibal Genius - Nootropic Supplement

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  • Brianna

    Posted on 16 Jul 2017 5

    "Like everyone else, I was super spectacle about it. And I've had my fair share of supplements and have tried to remove anything not necessary. I got this to try and get a little more into my training sessions. As I work a physically demanding job and then try and stay in shape at the same time. This stuff is POTENT. I wouldn't recommend taking it everyday, just in the days you plan on training HARD. It literally makes me focus on the task (workout) at hand and it'll make you go non-stop until you've finished. And even when you do finish you still got more in the tank. Great product. Just use it wisely. "

  • Brandon T.

    Posted on 19 May 2017 5

    "This is from mygood friend and Client Steve Vail.

    My name is Steve Vail and I am a stage four cancer survivor. I want to give you a brief version of my cancer story to explain why I chose to take cannibal genius and how it has helped me.
    In May 2014 I had a mole on my hip that went rogue and after the biopsy I was told I had stage 3B melanoma cancer. I was told it is the most aggressive skin cancer there is. I chose to have surgery to remove the mole opted not to have radiation or chemo therapy. In November 2015 I went into the emergency room because I was having some severe cognitive issues. After a brain MRI I was told that I had 6 tumors in my brain. The largest one (golf ball size) was bleeding and causing me to have those issues. They were able to remove that tumor and we chose to have radiation take care of the other 5. Within two months of my radiation treatment I had another MRI and was told that they were 8 new tumors starting to grow. Fortunately for me, there was a brand-new treatment that was having amazing success and so I chose to have that treatment rather than another surgery or more radiation. The good news is the treatment worked in the tumors were gone, but the radiation I had done previously created a new issue. There was a tumor (size of a large grape) situated in the part of the brain that controls speech and necrosis (dying or dead tissue) started to spread in that area. I had another surgery to remove the dead tissue and to keep it from spreading. I had an amazing surgeon and the surgery was successful. I have been very lucky and for the most part I am pretty much the same guy that I was. However, I find myself struggling to find the words to express my thoughts. Simple words that I have used 1 million times just disappear from my mind and I find myself struggling to finish sentences. I often times will begin a sentence and halfway through will completely lose track of what I was saying and where I was going and find myself sitting there feeling like an idiot hoping and praying that my train of thought will come back into my mind… And more often than not it doesn't.
    I am lucky enough to do the color commentating for BYU's men's volleyball team. I have been doing it for 10+ years and our broadcast goes all over the world. Our producer has been amazing and very generous toward me and my situation and has allowed me to continue doing those broadcasts. However, with these cognitive issues the few matches we've done this year have been a very harrowing experience for me. That is where cannibal genius comes in. When I started taking CG I didn't really feel any different in the first couple of days. But what I started noticing is that when I took those pills consecutively and as it built up in my system I began to recognize that those episodes were becoming less and less frequent. All of a sudden I was able to have conversations with someone that flowed rather than me stuttering and stammering to turn my thoughts into words. There is no way that I would've had the courage to continue commentating for BYU without the confidence I feel from taking CG! Not only has it appeared to replace or repair those synapses but I really do feel confident when I take those pills that I am as smart or even smarter than I was even before my brain surgeries! I can't put into words how amazing it is for me to be able to say that! I owe my friend Brandon Talbot HUGE for introducing me to CG and putting me on the path to total recovery! A few months ago I saw myself going from a guy with a decent sense of humor and a quick wit that loved the spotlight and the chance to make someone laugh, to a guy that would shrink himself down, afraid to open his mouth in a one-on-one or in a group setting for fear of embarrassing himself. Now here I am, back on TV and feeling good about myself and my progression! I'm not 100% healed, but I'm on my way and I have CG to thank for that!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your research and studies and for making CG available to and the world!"

  • matt

    Posted on 25 Apr 2017 5

    "this stuff is fantastic. it has the clear crisp feeling of a good preworkout with awesome mental clarity. "

  • Reggie

    Posted on 13 Apr 2017 5

    "Clean, clear, crisp focus and cognitive function! Stacks great with preworkout! Awesome product!!"

  • Posted on 02 Feb 2017 5

    "This is an excellent product. I use it 3 times a week before regular presentations I give. This ensures I am clear, sharp, quick, and high energy."

  • Posted on 25 Jan 2017 5

    "I am totally on top mentally with this product. It is very powerful, and will remain working long after your morning dose, so don't overdo it. You will feel a confidence and gain the respect of others as a no nonsense type. Dreams are lucid and last longer. Focus, concentration, short tern memory, ability to multi task, quick on the uptake, creativity, and no lack of terminology are some of the benefits. Again, it is potent, so you might take a break after so many days, then go back. Results differ because we are not the same, but anyone can gain positive results by taking this product responsibly.

  • Daniel

    Posted on 26 Dec 2016 5

    "I used to love preworkouts. Mesomorph, Ferox, Ferox AMPED, Super bioFreak, strongest of the strong shit to get you going. After years of preworkout abuse, my anxiety said hell no and it had to stop. I haven't been able to enjoy that RUSH I loved in forever, without feeling like my heart is going to fucking explode, along with my brain. I ordered this, anxious about me having an anxiety attack with it, but i took the risk and took JUST ONE, right after i ate, just in case. Fighting some nervousness for about 10-15, oh my fucking god..............it felt like i took the meanest preworkout of my fucking life, i felt like I was focused on EVERYTHING. I was insanely aware of everything going on around me. This is what it feels to be able to multi task. It's truely mindblowing. Your brain feels like it's going at 1,000,000 miles an hour being able to process EVERYTHING INSTANTANEOUSLY. It literally feels like you're everywhere at once in the room. You're able to focus on what's in front of you while focusing on having a conversation with someone else, AND listening to another conversation and being to be fully aware of everything, holy fuck. It almost feels like you're going to panic but you can't, like something in it is protecting you from it and you feel amazing, in a great mood and could talk to everyone. It was truly an experience for me!"

  • Richard Labranche

    Posted on 10 Dec 2016 5

    "Had no idea what I was getting myself into. I tried the genius by itself and I love it. Focus and mental clarity beyond comparison. Stacking it with ferox dials in an unparalleled lazer focus, rampaging energy, powerhouse. "

  • Posted on 22 Nov 2016 5

    "I noticed a decrease in brain fog when taking it. Personally , I've yet to notice any side effects. It's definitely not making my memory any worse , so I would definitely recommend it. "