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Chemical X Mass Gainer


Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

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LET’S GET READY FOR BULKING!  Life’s too short to be small and weak, but sometimes you need a helping hand to get moving in the right direction.  Too many of the “prohormones” that were on the market came with side effects that made you wonder if the hypertrophy and strength gains made were worth the trouble.  That era has ended, thankfully, and a new era is being ushered in- incredible gains in size and strength with few and manageable side effects.  19-Nor- is just such a compound.
Introducing 19-Nor-, the answer to all of your pleas.  A compound that converts inside the body to nandrolone, a chemical six times more anabolic than testosterone, 19-Nor- supplementation results in massive gains in strength and muscle mass, but its unique chemical structure minimizes the androgenic effects one would experience with nandrolone itself.  This means that the anabolic effects of hypertrophy and strength increases will occur without negatively affecting prostate health or sexual function.
How do you make sure that your body gets the most 19-Nor- possible, without getting destroyed by the liver? With advanced Cyclosome™ technology! It allows more 19-Nor- to be absorbed. The more 19-Nor- you absorb, the more 19-Nor- your body can convert into nandrolone. Cyclosome™ is a liposomal delivery technology that surrounds the 19-Nor- molecule and allows it to pass through the liver without being harmed or destroyed. The result is less 19-Nor- is required to turn you into the most brutal, hulking beast in your gym!
How do you make 19-Nor- even better? You add one of the strongest test boosters on the market, Fadogia, and the extremely anabolic brassinosteroid 5a-hydroxylaxogenin. Both natural compounds enhance the effects of 19-Nor-, and in their own ways contribute to Chemical X to make it a strength and hypertrophy triple threat.
How long can you stay on Chemical X? We recommend that you stay on Chemical X for no more than eight weeks, followed by a 4 week layoff.
Who should use Chemical X? Chemical X is absolutely not for beginners- you have to crawl before you can walk.  Only advanced and experienced lifters who have used either the old guard of “prohormones” or who have experimented heavily with the new breed of testosterone boosters should use Chemical X.
Can Chemical X be stacked with anything else? Absolutely! Chemical X will give even more insane results when stacked with Legendary and Alpha PCT. We recommend the following stacking protocol for maximum size and strength gains.
Month 1:
Chemical X
Month 2:
Chemical X
Alpha PCT (start two weeks before you finish Chemical X)
Month 3:
Alpha PCT
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Can Chemical X be used for weight loss? Chemical X is a bulking compound rather than a cutting agent.   Chemical One is the product you want if your goal is leaning out. If you want to get HUGE, we recommend the following stacking protocol:
Month 1:
Chemical X
Cannibal Permaswole
Cannibal Kraken
Cannibal Carna (before training or mix with water and sip throughout the day)
Month 2:
Cannibal X
Cannibal Permaswole
Cannibal Kraken
Cannibal Carna (before training or mix with water and sip throughout the day)
Alpha PCT (start two weeks before you finish Chemical One)
Month 3:
Alpha PCT
Cannibal Kraken
Carnage (before training or mix with water and sip throughout the day)

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4 reviews for Chemical X Mass Gainer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim (verified owner)

    Outstanding!! I have used everything and I mean EVERYTHING! This product is safe and very very effective. It stacks well and is great by itself.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Chemical X – where to start ? This stuff is exceptional. Been using for a couple of weeks back and its making all sorts of differences. I am stacking this with Cannibal Ferrox (I have some of the old formula left) Mercury and Legendary. I have managed to stick 20kgs on my Deadlift, 26kgs on my Bench and 12kgs on my Squat. I can see definite differences in my body shape and my muscles feel a lot fuller. Plus I have the sex drive of a 16 year old

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    James (verified owner)

    Went through one cycle/two months. Didn’t “feel” any different throughout the time using the product. The benefit to me though was I have been stuck at 183-185 forever now, and seemingly no amount of excess food would move that scale up. In comes Chemical X. I didn’t change my diet or routine one bit, but managed to gain seven pounds, sitting at 192 this morning. Also got a “Jesus!” after seeing someone at the gym I hadn’t seen it a bit, so I guess it’s working how it is supposed to.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn Elrod

    This stuff will make u king of the fukin jungle buy its self no doubt stack it with chem x u wont be disappointed will be posting pic soon thank u aging chaos finally something ligit ps this supp aint for pu$$%

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