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Many gym goers have seen this ingredient floating around, l-glutamine, or something like that.  Glutamine is part of the framework that is used in the production of proteins in the body.  Glutamine is an amino acid in the body, thus you can assume that it performs many functions inside of the body to improve and continue the process of living.  The body makes glutamine naturally and it is found in many food sources such as eggs, red meat, white rice, and corn to name a few. 

Generally, glutamine is found in meats versus fruits or things like tofu.  Knowing that glutamine is found in meats you can thus assume it is part of the process in the production of proteins in the body, it makes sense.  These proteins are then used for various processes in the body from building muscles to really anything.

So, as the sports supplement industry normally does they over-hype and over market a product based on what is known as “bro-science” or conjecture for normal people.  Glutamine, because of its role in the production of protein in the body was quickly adopted as a muscle gaining agent.  However, the evidence does not support taking oral glutamine for the above-mentioned, but it does have some pretty important effects on the body that can’t be overlooked.  Where glutamine really shines is the immune system and the cells surrounding this system. 

Glutamine, specifically l-glutamine is a materially important source of fuel for immune cells, obviously, these are some of the most important cells in the body as they help fight disease.  Since glutamine is so vital to these cellular processes in the body, if there is a shortage of glutamine you can get a catabolic effect, the body will break down its own tissues in order to gather glutamine and then direct this glutamine to where it is needed.  Generally, the body starts with muscles and works its way down the chain of tissues and organs based on the need to stay alive. 

As you can assume from this light reading, having a shortage of glutamine can lead to an exigency of the immune system.  With the immune system compromised an individual will have a more difficult time fighting off infections and viruses, such as the current COVID-19 that seems to not be going way anytime soon.

Glutamine, being the awesome source of nutrients for cells that it is, helps supply many of the cells in the intestine with nutrients.  This is an intertwined relationship with the above-mentioned immune cells working.  The intestine is the largest functioning immune system in the body, thus, having it function properly will allow for far superior immune function in the body.  A good example would be to have a great engine in a car and then follow that up by having a broken transmission, it just doesn’t make sense.

Glutamine won’t be a cure but it sure as hell will help with your immune system function.  It is really a perfect addition from anything to pre-workouts to protein shakes.