Be Legendary T-Shirt

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Be Legendary T-Shirt

The notion is simple, the idea is even more inconsiderable, just be legendary, something great that everyone has to remember you in the annals of history.  The embodiment of all that is awesome, become your own version of the legendary likes of Hercules or Achilles, whose names ring with the greatest in history in both fact and fiction.  Create a present and future that will be storied about for years to come.  Well, that is the idea behind the creation of this very shirt.

You simply cannot be legendary without leg day, see, this is already starting off quite simple in fact.  If your legs are legendary then well, more than likely the rest of your body will follow in its tracks, and quite literally also since they are your legs.  This shirt will have you doing nothing less than your best, dominating to be the best, simple and easy lemon squeezy.

The caveat to this, the coup de grace, the mercy stroke if you for the rest of the bums who don’t have one of these sweet ass shirts is how dam good you’ll look.  You’ll basically be a model, a juicy Chaos and pain model, shamelessly pumping the brand on every unsuspecting individual in eyesight.