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Cannibal Alpha PCT Testosterone Booster is a revamped version of our old Cannibal Alpha- now, instead of simply boosting your natural testosterone levels, it repairs the damage done to your natural testosterone levels.  +

Product Highlights

The holy grail to all man’s aspirations in life is testosterone. Unfortunately, men who lack testosterone often complain of depression, fatigue, and irritability to name a few things. Only you know your body - the question should never be how much testosterone you have but how much you need to achieve greatness.+

The supplement industry is full of perfidious companies, making calms under a proprietary dose of who knows what.  +

Not us, not CHAOS AND PAIN®, for as long as we have been around, we have always brought you what we think is simply the best product. Cannibal Alpha® PCT was purely designed to provide top-tier testosterone support with added estrogen control.  + 

Cannibal Alpha PCT Testosterone Booster is what we consider the best all-natural product on the market.  +

Cannibal Alpha PCT Libido and Testosterone Booster is the most complete libido and testosterone support supplement available today. Formulated with clinically researched ingredients, Cannibal Alpha® is designed to help you perform at your best. Whether you're looking to support sexual health or boost testosterone levels, this powerful supplement has you covered. +

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Lost Lasting Riddeee™

Meant for anyone looking to keep the gains that you work so hard in the gym putting on. But this also has a ton of other benefits mostly for males.+

Premium Ingredients

We made sure when we went to reformulate Cannibal Alpha we looked at some of the best researched and time tested ingredients.+

Increase Sexual Desire +

One of those premium ingredientsVirilast® is said to help increase sexual desire as well as performance in males.+

Increase Testosterone

We used some of the latest as well as some stuff which has been around for many moons such as Fadogia Agrestis, Tongkat Ali and Fenugreek.+

Improve Sexual Function +

Naturally when the blood starts to circulated at optimal levels in your body everything will be elevated including your sexual performance.+

Premium Post-Cycle Therapy

This is the most complete Post-Cycle Therapy product on the market for anyone coming off the gas or for those in need of a boost.+

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Cannibal Alpha PCT Testosterone Booster

Ingredients Panel

Here is a list of all the components used to create your favorite product. Understanding the ingredients panel is essential for you to ensure you are taking the right supplement for your needs, avoid potential allergens or other adverse effects, and make informed decisions before consumption.

Vitamin D3

A fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D belongs to a family of compounds. Vitamin D helps grow and develop bones and teeth, as well as improves resistance to certain diseases in the body. Other benefits of vitamin D include reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS). There are several important functions of vitamin D. The most important are regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption and facilitating normal immune system function.(1)

The Making of KSM-66 Ashwagandha

The Benefits of PrimaVie

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Johnathan M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Nice package.

It really is mild.

Alexander S.
United States United States

Very effective

I noticed a positive difference with this, my drive has increased and my mood has also improved in general

Jimmy P.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Delivers as promised

Terry A.

I loved how it helped me keep my gains

I loved how it helped me keep my gains

Brutus t.

Super advanced for being this price. Awesome. Thanks

Super advanced for being this price. Awesome. Thanks

Lance H.

Why is this so awesome?

Why is this so awesome?