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Natural Anabolic Complex

Turkesterone - Fadogia Agrestis - Tongkat Ali – Is the special miracle stack? No. There is no such thing. All this is 3 highly proven ingredients working together to provide you the best possible outcome you can expect with natural based mass builders.†

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The Absolute Riddeee...

There is not a bundle in this category - the same quality for this price anywhere on the internet. This is an incredible value bundle featuring Turkesterone, Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali. +

100% Natural

This bundle isn't like some of the stuff on the market which says one thing and does nothing of that nature. This is an 100% All Natural Anabolic Complex for the most serious bodybuilders! +

Keep The Tank Full

There are various studies on the market which says a males testosterone levels drop every year after the age of 30. Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali are meant to help increase testosterone levels. +

All Natural Anabolic Complex

Chemical TE - Turkesterone

Our Turkesterone in the form of Chemical TE is the strongest and best priced Turkesterone on the market. It contains Turkesterone, a plant-based ingredient. Enhances muscle growth naturally, increases muscular endurance, improves recovery, and improves body composition.†

Testosterone Support with Fadogia Agrestis

Chemical F - Fadogia Agrestis

Herbal remedies and medicines can be made from the stem of this rare plant from Nigeria. Over the last few years, Fadogia Agrestis has become increasingly popular in the fitness world. The decision to use anabolic steroids alternatives is particularly prevalent among males. Thus, post-cycle therapy is always essential. Fadogia Agrestis per various sources is said to increase one’s natural testosterone levels.†

Enhance sports performance and weight loss while improving libido and energy.

Chemical T - Tongkat Ali

Essentially, many of these plants were tested with pure anecdotal evidence throughout history. Over thousands of years, trial and error has battle tested them, with Tongkat Ali being such a battle tested traditional herb. There were no fancy science tools by which to study something at a molecular level. Tongkat Ali also known as Longjack Extract support healthy testosterone levels, men’s sexual health, supports lowering of stress and support athletic performance.†

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Andrew Huberman Testosterone Recommendations +

Fadogia Agrestis 400mg - 600mg Daily
Tongkat Ali 400mg Daily

Renowned Neurobiologist Andrew Huberman has said on the Joe Rogan Podcast of all places that through his reearch he believes taking both Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali can increase mens natural testosterone levels. +

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkesterone

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is the hottest all-natural bodybuilding supplement on the market today. Turkesterone is not a brand new chicken the ingredient itself has been studied known about for more than 40 years. But just recently it has gained a lot of notoriety – most likely because the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Andrew Huberman discussing the overall benefits. The cool thing to note about Turkesterone is that it has anabolic properties like synthetic anabolic’s but it does not bind the same way and does not have the same harmful effects as synthetics. For more on Turkesterone visit our Turkesterone Guide and latest 2023 Turkesterone Outlook. +

Is Turkesterone Natural?

Yes, Turkesterone is 100% all-natural. It is natural grown in various regions in the world. +

Is Turkesterone Safe?

Yes, Turkesterone is safe to take. There haven’t been enough clinical studies to highlights all the negative side effects. But just like anything that you are digesting you should always look at taking things within the suggest use instructions and you should never abuse anything. If you are worried about adverse reactions please discuss with a medical professional or your doctor prior to consuming. +

Is Turkesterone natty?

Turkesterone is 100% all-natural – Turkesterone is one of the cleanest and natty ingredients on the market. +

When to take Turkesterone?

You should always take Turkesterone before your workout preferably with a meal to ensure you have the right amount of power and energy when you are acting godly in the gym. +

Does Turkesterone Work?

The short answer is yes. This is a loaded question and we cover this in our Turkesterone Guide, but it's loaded because you still need to put in the work. Often times people think that they find the miracle herb that they take one time and it will add all the muscle mass etc. Unfortunately it's not that simple. When taking Turkesterone and depending on what your goal of taking it in the first place is for. You should understand you need to put in the work whether it's a proper diet, or gym routine. Nothing comes free! +

Is Turkesterone a Steroid?

No – Turkesterone is not a synthetic steroid. And should not be considered as such. Turkesterone is a 100% all-natural anabolic. +

What does Turkesterone Do?

Turkesterone helps with strength, mass building, body composition amongst other things. And has even been said to be an effective weight loss ingredient. Visit our Turkesterone guide for me. +

How much Turkesterone should I take?

use for further instructions. The Chemical TE – Turkesterone Epicatechin by Chaos and Pain® you should take 3 capsules with or without food. +

Does Turkesterone increase testosterone?

No – despite what some brands are telling you Turkesterone will not increase your testosterone. Turkesterone has similar characteristics to synthetic anabolic’s but also it doesn’t damage you're body like the synthetics do. +

How to take Turkesterone?

One of the best things about Turkesterone and what makes it more desirable than synthetic anabolics. Is the ability for you to take this by mouth orally opposed to through an injection. Turkesterone is much more desirable. +