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CLA by Chaos and Pain

CLA BY CHAOS AND PAIN - Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA as it is known more widely in the health and fitness world, is a polyunsaturated fat similar to many found in omega-6 fatty acids.  Unlike many of the harmful and dangerous trans fats, CLA is essential a natural trans-fat that is found in many foods.  CLA is prevalent in meat and dairy animals for the most part. +

CLA Product Highlights

  • Promotes Fat Oxidation +
  • Supports a Reduction in Inflammation +
  • Supports Bone Strength and Health +
  • Fat Alternative for Non-Meat Eaters +

CLA has many health benefits, mostly centered around weight loss and body compositions.  One of the main functions of CLA is to promote the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver, this in turn will support a breakdown of fat, i.e., fat loss.  CLA also supports a healthy immune system and function, this being done mainly through its anti-inflammatory properties. +

One interesting aspect of CLA is that is can support overall bone strength and density.  This is done through CLA ability to support an uptake in calcium in the body and reducing osteoclast cells, which dissolve bone. +

CLA can also be a healthy way for vegetarian or non-meat eaters to gain the benefits of the fats found in these animals.  The body does not produce CLA on its own, so thus, it must be ingested from an animal source. +