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CHEMICAL T – TONGKAT ALI - a staple part of the Chemical Series™ - this product is also referred to as Chemical T™. Like many supplements of old there are fertile areas in the world that just seem to produce quality fruits, vegetables exotics plants, you name it with benefits. One such area is the Southeast Asia region, where, as you can guess it many of these revolutionary ingredients of their time were discovered and used.†

As you can summarize, many of these plants found through history were put to the test with pure anecdotal evidence. There was no fancy science by which to truly study something at the molecular level, thus trial and error over thousands of years has battle test them, Tongkat Ali being such a battle tested traditional herb. †

What is Tongkat Ali?

Traditional Southeast Asian medicine has used tongkat ali for centuries as an herbal remedy.

A variety of ailments can be treated with it, including fevers, erectile dysfunction, and bacterial infections. According to studies, tongkat ali may improve body composition, improve male fertility, and relieve stress.

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Protein Powder Benefits and Highlights

A Proven Riddeee™

Tongkat Ali is just one of those ingredients thats been proven not only through studies and tests. But it is proven to work over time, with first uses dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. Tongkat Ali is absolutely time tested. +

USA Made

Chemical T - Tongkat Ali like all of the other supplements by Chaos and Pain is sourced from the best suppliers. All of our products are Made and Manugactured within the United States of America at a compliant facility. +

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There is no secret we have some of the best pricing across the internet. Check out our Chemical Series Bundles and you will be able to save even more on Chemical Series products. If there is no bundle available always check back. +

Chemical T - Tongkat Ali Highlights

CHEMICAL T – TONGKAT ALI Benefits and Highlights

  • Supports Testosterone†
  • Men’s Sexual Health†
  • Supports Lowering Stress†
  • Supports Athletic Performance†
  • Used in Traditional Medicine†

It is well known and well documented that tongkat ali increases testosterone levels in men with low levels of this primary sex hormone. †

Tongkat Ali Testosterone

It is well known and well documented that tongkat ali can increase testosterone in aging men with low levels of this primary sex hormone.

What Are Some Common Causes of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone levels can be caused by aging, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, certain medications, injuries or infections of the testicles, and certain illnesses, including chronic alcoholism and obstructive sleep apnea. † [1]

Chemical T™ - Tongkat Ali - Summary of Factors of Low Testosterone

  • General Aging †
  • Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments †
  • Some Anti-Depressants or other medications †
  • Trauma or injury to the testicles †
  • Various diseases †
  • Substance abuse ie: chronic alcoholism †
  • Obstructive sleep apnea †

A low testosterone level can lead to low libido, erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, infertility. It might help with these issues because compounds in tongkat ali increase testosterone levels. † [2, 3, 4]

Summary of Effects of Low Testosterone

  • Low libido †
  • Erectile dysfunction †
  • And in some severe cases even infertility †

Researchers found that 200 mg of tongkat ali extract daily significantly increased testosterone levels in 76 older men with low testosterone levels over a one-month period Over 90% of participants returned to normal values for this hormone. † [5]

Furthermore, animal studies and human studies show that taking Tongkat Ali in some cases, may help with erectile dysfunction and help stimulate sexual arousal in men. † [6, 7, 8, 9]

Finally, tongkat ali may improve sperm motility and concentration, boosting male fertility [10, 11, 12, 13, 14]. In one study of 75 male partners of couples with infertility, it was found that the effects of taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day were significant for areas sperm concentration and motility after 3 months. Treatment was effective over 14% of couples became pregnant. † [15]

Tongkat Ali - May Relieve Stress

There have also been several studies conducted which indicate that Tongkat Ali may lower the stress hormone in your body, in turn decreasing ones overall anxiety, as well as elevating and improving ones mood. †

A major study was conducted over the duration of 1-month in 63 adults who had low to moderate stress. The research showed supplementing them with 200mg of tongkat ali extract per day helped reduced the stress homone levels of cortisol in the saliva by 16%, compared to those in the study who were given a placebo. † [16]

The lowering of stress over time will lead to an improvement in overall mood and general mental help functions and improvements. Stress is probably the number one toxicity in the body that can destroy the body and lead to things like low testosterone and mental related issues. Thus, reducing the stress affect and anxiety on the body is key to improving the overall quality of life. †

May Improve Body Composition

Its a well known fact that Tongkat Ali is often claimed to help boost athletic performance and increase your overall muscle mass. The reason for this is tongkat ali contains compounds that are called quassinoids, including the following eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eruycomanone. These will help your body use energy more efficiently, help in reducing fatigue, and will help your overall performance. † [17]

There was a very small, 5-week study conducted with a total of 14 men participating. All the participants were placed on a strength training program and the results found that those who took as little as 100mg of tongkat ali extract per day saw drastic and significant increases in their lean body mass opposed to those taking a placebo [18]. The same people who took 100mg of tongkat ali also saw and increase in fat loss to those on the placebo. †

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Tongkat ali has not been shown to cause any side effects in humans, according to the few studies conducted on it. But just like anything you are digesting make sure you consult your doctor of medical professional if you are seriously concerned about your long term exposure of Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat ali extract was as safe as a placebo over a 12-week period, according to a 2012 study of 109 men aged 30 to 55.

Tongkat Ali Supplement

Chaos and Pain has been marketing Chemical T - Tongkat Ali for a few years. We are one of the original brands to find the absolute benefit in this ayurvedic supplement. This has been proven over time to have some of the most effective positive impacts on Testosterone and Fertility in Males in particular.

What is the right dosage?

A dose of 200–400 mg per day of tongkat ali appears to be safe for most healthy adults. High dosages, however, may damage gastrointestinal DNA. Whether it is safe to take tongkat ali while pregnant or breastfeeding is unknown. Mercury may also be present in some supplements that are not made and manufactured in the United States.

Chemical T - Tongkat Ali along with all Chaos and Pain Supplements is Made and Manufactured within the United States at a registered facility.

Top-Rated Tongkat Ali

We have one of the best rated Tongkat Ali Supplements both across the internet which includes our website as well as when you search Tongkat Ali on Amazon.

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Size?

There is a correlation between someone living a healthy lifestyle and taking Tongkat Ali they will generally see long term body composition benefits. If you work out and have a good diet, are active in your lifestyle. Take tongkat ali if you are feeling you need it and have done your research your overall size and muscle mass should increase.

Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Yes. This is one of the oldest herbs available to be sold in all dietary supplements. It has been used in Southeast Asia for hundreds and hundreds of years for a ton of ailments. Everyone can react differently to anything they take it can be on a large whack of factors. There are various studies primarily in animals which all show sometype of positive effects coming from short and long term tongkat ali exposure.

Do I need to cycle this?

Again this is a question more for your doctor or medical professional. There is not a ton of research which says you should come off this all natural herb like other things. But that being said you should always go with how you are feeling. Cycling things every 30 to 60 days is not a bad habit. But again only you know your body and this is a question for your medical professional.

Does Tongkat Ali help with Mens Sexual Health?

Yes. Researchers found that tongkat ali extract significantly increased testosterone levels by over 90% in 76 older men with low testosterone over the course of a 1-month study.

In addition, tongkat ali stimulates sexual arousal in both animals and humans and may help men with erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat ali may also boost male fertility by improving sperm motility and concentration.

Can you take Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali together?

Yes you can. You should always be mindful of the doses of both and do not take extra doses. Do not take extra doses if you miss a dose, simply wait until the next day. This is something you should monitor every single person reacts differently to things. No 2 people have the same reaction if you experience any type of reaction stop immediately and contact your medical professional.

Is Tongkat Ali Banned?

No, Tongkat Ali is not a banned substance in North America. Some studies in Europe in 2021 indicated that there may be DNA damage may be caused by tongkat ali, but there needs to be more testing for this.

Is Tongkat Ali a Steroid?

No it is not. Tongkat is an all natural herb.

Whats the Best Tongkat Ali Supplement?

I am we are biased :). You are on Chaos and Pain, and to us and most of our loyalists there are no supplements better than those of Chaos and Pain. And Chemical T - Tongkat Ali is no exception.

Tongkat Ali Reviews

Dr. Kyle Gillett Hormone Optimization

In this Video Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Kyle Gillett discuss male hormone optimization and discuss the best treatments, natural remedies and so much more. Dr. Gillett is an expert in optimizing hormone levels to improve overall health and is a dual-board-certified physician in family medicine and obesity medicine. In addition to nutritional and behavioral tools, exercise, and supplementation, they cover topics such as tongkat ali, fadogia agrestis, creatine, and peptides. +

The Joe Rogan Exp - Dr. Huberman

The video which has made waves across the internet. The craze started because of this video where every single Amazon seller became a seller of Tongkat Ali. Dr. Andre Huberman of the Huberman Lab which is a part of Stanford School of Medicine. Dr. Huberman discusses how Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis help increase free testosterone naturally. +

Dr. Huberman - Tongkat Ali

A short clip where Dr. Andrew Huberman talks about tongkat Ali and the relation between healthy living, sex drive and covers a vast array of other topics.

Dr. Hubeman talks about testosterone and an increase in libido referencing a 2012 study which tests Tongkat Ali. He talks about monitoring liver enzymes etc. +

**None of the videos or people in the above videos are associated with Chaos and Pain or and any of our affiliates.

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Important FAQs about Tongkat Ali

How long before Tongkat Ali starts to work?

Again every single person is different. And this is going to depend on a ton of different factors including your lifestyle, age, diet, how active your stay and what kind of job you work amongst other things. For example someone who is age 65 and retired and not very active may have more of an uphill battle opposed to someone 15 years younger who frequently goes to the gym and calorie counts. Just remember to be patient and consistent and you can achieve just about anything. +

Who should take Tongkat Ali?

The age old question - who should take Tongkat Ali. first of all you should never be looking at supplementing if you are under the age of 18 without first speaking with your doctor and your parents. Tongkat Ali is one of those unique supplements which is an all natural herb which is said to help support healthy testosterone levels in men. That being said a mans testosterone starts to decrease double digit points after the age of 30 and often times in men can lead to a ton of other conditions or symptoms. If you are depressed, feeling somewhat letheragic, have a loss of appetite amongst other things it may be an indication you have low testosterone and should consult a professional. +

What are the best supplements to take with Tongkat Ali?

Luckily you do not have to look very hard for this, our Chemical Series line is very diverse and built with cohesion in mind. Tongkat Ali works very well with some products within the Chemical Series including but not limited to taking Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis together. Taking Tongkat with our Chemical TE which is Turkesterone Epicatechin Complex. We also other the most complete post-cycle therapy product on the market in the form of Cannibal Alpha PCT which features ingredients like Fadogia, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, and so much more!

What forms does Tongkat come in?

The most common form of Tongkat is Capsules. You will find this in powdered forms in some supplements. But often times you should be double checking the label and seeing what the purpose of this ingredient in the supplement in. Meaning you probably wouldn't want to be taking Tongkat Ali in a Pre-Workout. +

Tongkat Ali Discount Code

We already offer one of the best prices for Tongkat Ali on the market. And remember we make all of our products within the USA. We guarantee all of our products through various forms of testing to ensure we deliver the highest quality to our audience. If your click this link you will get Buy on Get on 50% Off Tongkat Ali. +

How much Tongkat Ali should I take per day?

This is really a toss up there are different reports but all indicate one should take between 200mg-450mg per day. There are some who tell you to take a slightly higher dose of around 500-600mg remember you should always consult your doctor or medical professional if you are unsure about anything. +

Does Tongkat Ali hurt the liver?

Tongkat Ali is considered safe in doses usually recommended of 200-400 mg daily. Tongkat Ali was not toxic to liver or kidney function in humans at 400 mg/day for six weeks.

Does Tongkat Ali have other names?

If you answered us you are 100% correct Tongkat Ali is commonly refered to as Longjack Extract, or Eurycoma Longifolia or simply just Tongkat. And under the Chemical Series our Tongkat Ali is simply known as Chemical T.

Does Tongkat Ali Decrease Testes?

No it does not. There are no studies on humans indicating this. Remember Tongkat Ali is a 100% all Natural Herb and not an anabolic and does not have the same type of negative side effects. +

Where can you buy Tongkat Ali?

Fortunately if you are looking for Tongkat Ali you do not need to look any further. Chaos and Pain has made Tongkat a everyday core item through our Chemical Series. If you would rather shop in store of Chemical T - Tongkat Ali we are available right across the United States in one of our partner stores. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to go to a local store and we can help you located the closest one selling Chaos and Pain products. +