As you can surmise there are two things in life that are important, all else is a facade to mask your inner sadness and lack the of winning.  You know those people always sad, forever blaming someone for their short comings waiting for a hand out, ya, don't be like that.  It is time to Gym and Win.

These two perpetual items or ideals above are the gym and winning, anything else comes secondary and should be treated as such.  The idea is simple, elementary my dear, you crush the gym and then you win at literally all else in life.  Without the gym you are just a fat husk of what you could be in life.

If you are not in the gym, then more than likely you are not winning  and that is the bottom line.  Physical fitness is one of the major keys to success and the destruction of your opponent in every-way imaginable.  It is pretty hard to accomplish this when you are a Cheeto covered fatty that can't move four feet without the assistance of a scooter.

Go Gym and Go Win!

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