Beta-Alanine by Chaos and Pain

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Beta-Alanine by Chaos and Pain

Beta-Alanine by Chaos and Pain like all other Beta-Alanine on the market is a not an essential amino acid. Your body does not synthesize proteins from this amino acid. It produces carnosine along with histidine. Your skeletal muscles store carnosine. During exercise, carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles, which leads to better athletic performance.[1][2][3]

Where is Beta-Alanine Found?

Beta-alanine is mostly found in meat, poultry, and fish. It occurs in large compounds, mainly carnosine and anserine, but separates when they are digested. Vegans and vegetarians have about 50% less carnosine in their muscles than omnivores do. Despite the fact that most people get sufficient amounts of beta-alanine from their diet, supplements raise levels even further.  If you are Vegans or vegetarians you should consider supplementing with Beta-Alanine. [4]

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How Does Beta-Alanine by Chaos and Pain Work in The Body?

Histidine levels are normally high in your muscles while beta-alanine levels are low. This leads to a limited amount of carnosine being produced. By supplementing with beta-alanine, carnosine levels in muscles can be elevated by 80%. This can lead to obvious improvements across the board, mainly for strength and endurance. [5][6 

Beta-Alanine Functions During Exercise:

  • Glucose is broken down into Glycolysis, the major source of fuel during high-intensity exercise.
  • The muscles produce lactic acid when they break down glucose. Upon conversion to lactate, hydrogen ions (H+) are formed. [7]
  • Your muscles become more acidic when the hydrogen ions are present. 
  • Acidity in your muscles inhibits glucose breakdown and reduces muscle contraction. This is the feeling of fatigue. [8]
  • During high-intensity exercise, carnosine acts as a buffer against the acid, reducing acidity in the muscles. [9]

Since beta-alanine supplements increase carnosine levels, they reduce the amount of acid in your muscles while you exercise. This reduces fatigue and supports endurance in athlete aerobic performance specifically.  

Beta-Alanine by Chaos and Pain - Improvements to Strength and performance

Muscle acidosis generally limits the duration of high-intensity exercise. This is why beta-alanine is particularly useful during short-duration, high-intensity exercises lasting one to several minutes. According to one study, taking beta-alanine for six weeks increased TTE by 19% when performing high-intensity interval training. [10]

Improvement to Athletic Performance and Strength

Taking beta-alanine boosts athletic performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance, and boosting performance during high-intensity exercises. Studies have shown that beta-alanine increases the time it takes you to exhaustion.

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