Inside - Outside Bundle

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Inside - Outside Bundle

The Inside - Outside Bundle is compromised of 3 total products: Chemical TE - Turkesterone, Legendary Mass Builder and Chemical OD - Liver Support.

We chose this name because it is exactly the kind of name that defines this bundle. Turkesterone is one of the hottest products in the entire supplement industry and Chemical TE - is compromised of Turkesterone and Epicatechin. The second product included is our newly reformulated and restocked Legendary™ Mass Builder. This product is made to deliver power output, strength and deliver body composition. The third product is our best selling Chemical OD - Liver Support.

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Product Breakdown of the Inside - Outside Bundle

Chemical TE™ - Turkesterone Epicatechin is an all around powerhouse of a product. It is meant to increase muscle output, strength, and change your overall body composition.

Our research on muscles and bodybuilding has yielded another breakthrough. It is possible to create a natural product that has anabolic properties beyond what is currently available! CHEMICAL TE™ - TURKESTERONE EPICATECHIN is an example of this.

Legendary™ Mass Builder is made with various patented ingredients that work together to increase one’s endurance, performance, and strength. The brand-new LEGENDARY™ MASS BUILDER formula is one of the best all-around and complete Natural Anabolic Mass Builders on the market today.

Chemical OD™ - Liver and Organ Support was designed to support all aspects of physical and mental health.  CHEMICAL OD™ provides liver, prostate, heart, kidney and brain support.  Though it doesn’t stop there, as it also supports all cellular function at the most basic levels.  The full ingredients list below is what CHEMICAL OD™ is bringing to the table!