Chemical E - Epicatechin

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Chemical E - Epicatechin

Chemical E - Epicatechin - It is with no surprise really that we here at CHAOS AND PAIN® decided to launch a colossus of products in the Chemical Series.  We are extremely excited to introduce Chemical E, a 90% extract of epicatechin, which is a full-blown powerhouse

Chemical E - Epicatechin - Myostatin and Insulin Support

It is with no surprise really that we here at CHAOS AND PAIN® decided to launch a colossus of products in the Chemical Series.  We are extremely excited to introduce Chemical E, a 90% extract of epicatechin, which is a full-blown powerhouse (1*).  Everything in life can always be better, work more efficiently, or just categorically overall superior in every way. 

The idea that one single ingredient can be so powerful, almost divine in what it can achieve, makes it just that good.  So, what does this miracle worker on an ingredient do, and how does that affect you, the everyday gym-goer?

The intended uses and ideology behind epicatechin, aka Chemical E, are very profound, to say the least (2*).  If you do not feel like reading through this and just want the quick and dirty, it is simple, this novel ingredient supports an overall increase in muscle growth, strength, nitric oxide, insulin support, and overall stamina. 

Now, for those who want to be illuminated a little further on the topic, let's dive right in shall we (3*).

The most notable support that Epicatechin provides is that of the ability to lower myostatin.  Myostatin, in simple terms, is the body's way of regulating muscle growth.  These genetic markers forecast how much muscle tissue the body will maintain or can have, thus lowering myostatins’ ability to control that would allow for an individual to gain more muscle mass of all varieties. 

As an individual age, their levels of myostatin also increase, and their levels of follistatin decrease naturally.  This single ingredient allows you to fight back against father time. If there is one thing we know you can’t stop the aging process but you can do your best to slow it down.

Furthermore, Epicatechin supports an increase in nitric oxide in humans.  This is direct research from supporting research in an article titled “Direct Evidence That (-) – Epicatechin Increases Nitric Oxide Levels in Human Endothelial Cells”.  This is great news, as an increase in nitric oxide would lead to two very good outcomes, you will have a far better pump in the gym, two you will have a far better recovery process because of the number of nutrients that are now flowing in the body at a greater rate. 

This increase in nutrients would support muscle growth, and while there is potential for a lowering of myostatin, one would assume this would lead to an increase in muscles growth and size.

The Secret Sauce?

The summary of the above portions to epicatechin effects are glaringly obvious, the user would expect to see an increase in overall strength.  The two above premises would ultimately lead to an increase in overall muscle mass, which in turn would lead to an increase in strength.

There is also some evidence that would show that epicatechin supports healthy insulin in the body as well, from a natural level.  This would further demonstrate the use and value of this product as it would support the overall insulin response to blood glucose more effectively.  The epicatechin would support beta cells in their ability to the secretion of insulin.  There is more ongoing research on this topic and we can expect to see more evidence in the future.

This ingredient is almost a must-have for any scenario regarding nutrition or wanting to be in a better physical form.  Chemical E can be stacked with literally any other compound on the market from pre-workouts, proteins, to sleep aids.  Don’t miss out and also buy a shirt to be a shameless plug for the brand.  Rock on!

Epicatechin Is a Full Blow Power House

Health Benefits of Epicatechin – It has antioxidant properties, insulin mimicking properties, and improves heart health. Dr. Norman Hollenberg of Harvard Medical School found that Kuna Indians, who live on the San Blas Island Chain in Panama and consume high quantities of cocoa drinks, have a lower risk of stroke, heart failure, cancer, and diabetes than those living on the mainland. Dr. Norman Hollenberg suggests taking epicatechin as a vitamin (4*).

Attenuation of Diabetes – Studies have demonstrated that epicatechin and other flavonoids protect cells against osmotic fragility, similar to insulin. It is still unclear how epicatechin functions differently from insulin. A higher level of acetylcholinesterase is observed in diabetic red blood cells containing epicatechin. In type 2 diabetics, this activity is significantly reduced (5*).

Heart Health – A polyphenol called epicatechin reduces lipid peroxidation and inhibits platelet aggregation. The molecule epicatechin causes blood vessel dilation by regulating nitric oxide, a signaling molecule secreted by the blood vessel endothelium to relax surrounding muscles (6*).

Parkinsons and Anti-Oxidants – Parkinson's disease is characterized by the dopaminergic neurodegeneration caused by mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. Mitochondrial therapies that improve mitochondrial function may present great promise in preventing and treating Parkinson's disease (7*).


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