• Chemical Four - Mass Accelerator
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    Chemical Four - Mass Accelerator

    Do you like being Huge?? To be huge, you need to have the right anabolic/ androgenic ratio. If a compound it too far on the anabolic side of the scale, your gains will be smaller, with minimal side...

  • Red Sky Quick Release Tablet Thermogenic
    tagline Make Life your Bi**h with Red Sky.
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    Red Sky Quick Release Tablet Thermogenic

    Do you like it Fast and Hard?? Who doesn't! Chaos and Pain is giving you what you want. A fat burner that gives it to you FAST and HARD! No more waiting around for that invincible feeling to return...

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  • GAIA Super Fruits And Greens
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    GAIA Super Fruits And Greens

    “You are only as strong as your greatest weakness” – Some Awesome Dude. And that’s why Chaos and Pain just blessed the world with Gaia, the ultimate daily recovery formula. So...

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  • Jupiter Fat Torching Energy Complex
    tagline Are you ready for project Jupiter??
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    Jupiter Fat Torching Energy Complex

    “Do all Fat Burners give you energy?” – Concerned person. Chaos and Pain decided to tackle this age defying question, and ease the nerves of all those concerned people around the...

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  • Titan Energy Boosting Preworkout
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    Titan Energy Boosting Preworkout

    “You can use your pre-workout as a fat burner?” – Asked daily Well, can you use your pre-workout as a fat burner? Absolutely…. If it has the right ingredients. And that is...

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  • Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer
    tagline How big do you want to be?
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    Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer

    How big do you want to be? If you answered as BIG as I can get, then Chemical One is for you!! Hello 1-DHEA!! Finally, Chaos and Pain has gotten its hands on one of the NEWEST, most effective...

  • Predator
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    To unleash your ultimate predatory instincts, you have to eat like a predator! Apex predators, sitting atop the food chain, fear nothing...Stop acting like a simpering [expletive deleted] who wets...

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  • Cannibal Carnage - Killer Bombsicle
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    Cannibal Carnage - Killer Bombsicle

    Chaos and Pain’s first Lipolysis Transport Potentiating Powder!! Do you and the scale have a love hate relationship? You know, you love to hate when it laughs at you. Are you tired of doing...

    $44.99 $57.99
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