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Chemical BE - Beta-Ecdysterone

Natural Anabolic Complex

Beta-Ecdysterone - Looking for a way to naturally boost your muscle growth? Look no further than Chemical BE Beta Ecdysterone. Chemical BE is a powerful anabolic complex contains beta ecdysterone, KSM-66, Forskohlii and PeakO2, which have all been clinically shown to increase muscle growth and strength.+

Not only will Chemical BE help you build bigger, stronger muscles, but it will also help you recover from your workouts faster. So, you can hit the gym hard day after day without overtraining.+

To top it all off, Chemical BE is completely safe and legal. So, you can use it with confidence knowing that you're not breaking any laws or putting your health at risk.+

If you're serious about building muscle, then don't wait any longer. Try Chemical BE Beta Ecdysterone today and see the results for yourself!+

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The Absolute Riddeee™

You will be hard set to find a better overall product on the market which isn't drenched in the grey. Chemical BE - Beta- Ecdysterone is the most powerful Natural Anabolic Complex on the market today.+


USA Made and Manufactured. We aren't playing any games with this product. We do not play games, this isn't some special blend some people may promise which doesn't exist. This is the real thing!+

Push Your Limits

This is an incredibly formulated product. This is meant to help you push your limits. The PeakO2 in this product will help you adapt while pushing your limits both mentally and physically.+

Chemical BE - Beta-Ecdysterone

Ingredients Panel

Here is a list of all the components used to create your favorite product. Understanding the ingredients panel is essential for you to ensure you are taking the right supplement for your needs, avoid potential allergens or other adverse effects, and make informed decisions before consumption.


- Ecdysteroids, a type of steroid hormone, control many aspects of insect life. Even though Ecdysteroids have a similar structure to testosterone, they do not work like testosterone in humans. Many other things can be done with Ecdysteroids, such as boosting athletic performance, managing diabetes, and improving body composition. +(1)(2)

- Ecdysterone (20-Hydroxyecdysone) is a powerful and unique natural muscle-building supplement. Athletes and bodybuilders use it because it increases strength and power and increases lean muscle mass. +(3)

- Although performance-enhancing drugs are still widely used, it is possible to gain muscle and strength without supplements or steroids. Studies conducted at Freie Universität in Germany suggest that ecdysterone may be particularly effective at increasing strength and muscle recovery.+

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I recommend this product

My Results Cycling Between Chem TE (Stack) and Chem BE (Standalone)

Been a CP customer for almost 8 years. Came off a 3 year gym hiatus at height of covid. 1RMs (starting on 5/1/23 to date) | 8/6/3+: Bench: 280 > 345 Military Press: 153 > 210 Back Squat: 315>395 Deadlift: 345>495 Pendlay Row: 367


Chaos and Pain

Thanks for the feedback.

Michael S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Chemical BE

Increase Strength as well as appetite. Biceps are enjoying this product, much fuller. Overall body increasing in size. Mike