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Noot Genius



PWND Gamerz - Aggro


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Cannibal Genius Nootropic

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Punisher Skull Shirt

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Chaos and Pain knows one thing very well, the Emperor of Mankind probably used this stack because of its brain busting goodness.  If you do not get or understand that reference well then sorry, I’ll put it in boring people terms for you, this product stack is designed to do any and everything nootropic related.  This stack will have you humming like a freshly refurbished 454 big block with some Mark IV headers. If that reference went over your head just imagine being super smart all the time with a great increase to cognitive ability.

PWND Gamerz Aggro:  This product is designed specifically for the needs of video gamers, eye hand coordination being of the upmost importance to the survival of the fittest in the arena of the sticks.  This is 100% the better way to take an energy drink, having more focus and is purpose built for success, not just energy.  You do not need to be a gamer to utilize this product as well.

Bacchus:  This is the perfect complementary nootropic to all the stimulants and more gung-ho type of products individuals take throughout the day.  Bacchus is a far more relaxing type of nootropic designed around supporting cognition ability while also reducing anxiety and stress of the user to allow for a more relaxed experience.  This product is perfect for lower key type of scenarios where physical needs are down played or later in the evening where more creativity is needed.

Cannibal Genius: This is the god father of nootropics, perfect for any scenario that may arise.  This is probably the most complete cognitive product on the market, this formula fully ensures that you will have everything you need to be firing on all cylinders both mentally and physically.  This will essential put you into hyper drive for focus.

Punisher Skull Shirt:  This shirt is everything you need to top off your mental superiority.  This shameless plug will let everyone know that you are for sure superior in every way especially in the looks department.  Get this shirt and rep the brand!


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