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Immune Support

  • Supports Healthy Immune System
  • Circulatory Health Support
  • Supports Gut Health
  • Supports A Reduction to Inflammation in the Body
  • Power Antioxidant

There is probably no single better point in history to begin to care about your overall health as an individual.  As we now know there is one major aspect of life that goes unseen and unheard of but is there defending you daily, yes, your immune system.  Just like with any other aspect of life you must maintain it, or it will surely fail you when you need it most.  When your immune system fails, it will likely be a catastrophic event where recovery will be bleak at best.

Immune Support Ingredient Facts

Vitamin C - This first vitamin is critical in repairing the body.  It also supports the absorption of iron, which generally is very poor, to begin with.  Mainly, Vitamin C supports the proper functions of the immune system, like wound healing.  Vitamin C is the main component in the production of collagen in the body, which is responsible for cartilage, bone, and teeth health.

Vitamin E - This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, providing both cell and total body protection.  Having healthy cells allows the body to fight off infection and disease far easier, as T cells, being white blood cells, benefit greatly from this effect.

Vitamin B6 - This vitamin supports blood health and the ability of the body to store energy via proteins and carbohydrates.  B6 is vital in the production of hemoglobin, the portion of the red blood that oxygen bonds to via iron.  This circulatory and cell support allows for the body to function at an optimal level.

Zinc - This is an essential mineral that the human body needs to function properly.  This mineral is a major foundational block of cells.  Mainly, it supports the immune systems and its functions in repealing attacks by both bacteria and viruses.  The body also uses zinc in the production of DNA and proteins in the body, so you can see very easily why it is essential.

L-Glutamine HCL- Glutamine is vital in the support of gut health.  This support to gut health assists the overall effectiveness of the immune system.

Elderberry Fruit Extract - Supports a reduction in inflammation, stress and supports healthy blood circulation in the body.  This reduction in inflammation will help support an increase in total immune health.  There is also evidence that elderberry can reduce the severity of flu symptoms.

Echinacea Powder - This powder, like elderberry, is believed to shorten the duration of colds and flu while simultaneously reducing the systems.  It is believed to support the overall immune system in the body and fight off disease, antidotally.

Garlic Powder - Garlic powder supports a lowering of inflammation in the body and even supports a reduction in the inflammation effect.  Garlic has been shown to boost the immune system and has been used for hundreds of years as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal agent.  Garlic is essentially the miracle food and makes literally everything taste amazing.

Turmeric 95% curcuminoids - Turmeric is another miracle ingredient, slam packed with benefits.  Turmeric is a great antioxidant that can prevent many diseases before they even start.  There is evidence to show that turmeric can possibly reduce the risk of cancer and the spread of cancers in the body.

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