Purple Rain Thermogenic

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Purple Rain Thermogenic Fat Burner

Purple Rain Thermogenic ™ Fat Burner is Chaos and Pain’s continued evolution into sports supplementation.  As most brands stay stagnant but talk a big game about all they do, well, we simply just keep doing and innovating with technology and ingredients. You will not see us doing the normal stuff, you will however find us in the lab looking at new ways to keep innovating well researched, formulated and effective products.

Purple Rain uses an innovative capsule delivery mechanism known as DuoCaps ®.  It is designed to have a dual release where specific ingredients are time released into the appropriate location in the digestive track.  This allows ingredients that are damaged or harmed by the guts to by-pass this damaging process and make it to the correct destination to deliver the proper dosage for the job.

Using this unique blend of ingredients and our new delivery system to deliver them, you can rest assured you will be getting the biggest bang for your buck on this one!  #RIDDEEEE This product is designed as one of the strongest time released and sustained energy products.  You can anticipate an increase to mood, focus, endurance and overall motivation as well.  There will be plenty of thermogenesis with this product as well for all of your fat burning and appetite suppression needs.   

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Purple Rain Thermogenic Ingredients Panel       

Caffeine Anhydrous - One of the most commonly used dietary supplements, caffeine is classified as a nootropic and a powerful stimulant. Throughout the world, billions of people consume caffeine in the form of coffee or energy drinks to improve their concentration and focus. [1]

Caffeine can potentially suppress appetite and stimulate thermogenesis, which are both factors to be considered when it comes to weight loss. Some studies have indicated that caffeine helps us reduce the desire to eat along with an increased calorie burn, making it an effective strategy for weight loss. It is for this reason that many weight loss supplements on the market contain caffeine, as caffeine will at the very least result in more energy, thus increased movement and calorie burning. [2][3]

Various brain pathways are thought to be affected by caffeine consumption. The most obvious benefit of caffeine is that it increases alertness. Caffeine has been extensively researched as a sports supplement. The benefits of caffeine are undeniable. It improves endurance performance, endurance capacity, and reduces perceived exertion. [4][5]

Teacrine® (Theacrine) - TeaCrine® is one of the most versatile supplements ever created. Based on preclinical and human clinical research, TeaCrine® facilitates a wide spectrum of healthy functions while providing an edge in the fiercely competitive and rapidly growing markets of energy, performance, and cognitive achievement. Although it's not a stimulant, it provides energy without the jitters or crash. [6][7]

Designed for demanding athletes, driven professionals, gamers, and anyone seeking peak performance, TeaCrine® has a multi-pronged effect. Research indicates that TeaCrine® facilitates a wide range of healthy functions related to energy, focus, mood, and motivation. [8]

Caffeine and TeaCrine® are synergistic.  Ingesting the ingredients together increase the overall bioavailability of TeaCrine®. TeaCrine® has an extremely long half-life lasting roughly 4-8 hours. TeaCrine® combined with caffeine during physical activity improves reaction time and accuracy. TeaCrine® was shown to improve alertness, selective attention and an improvement to neuromotor function compared to a placebo.  TeaCrine® supports an increase to exercise capacity, which improved overall time to exhaustion.  This also let to improvements under fatiguing conditions in the users as well. [9][10][11]

Paradoxine® (6-Paradol) - The 6-paradol found in grains of paradise contributes to the endurance of neural cells, promoting brain health. Grans of paradise is a powerful herbal supplement that helps combat neuro-inflammation, protecting the brain from unwanted damage and promoting better long-term health. As an added bonus, grains of paradise contain potent anti-oxidants, promoting neuroprotection, and enhancing cognitive function. It also contains 6-shogaol, which supports a healthy nervous system and improves your mood over the long run. [12] [13] 

The grains of paradise have the ability to promote a faster metabolism, reducing fat content, and reducing your waist-hip ratio, so you can feel confident each day. Additionally, to its fat-loss abilities, grains of paradise have been shown to increase testosterone levels due to its anti-estrogenic properties, which support muscle growth. [14] [15] [16]

Synephrine HCL - Synephrine, the main extract of bitter orange, has a structure similar to ephedrine, the main component of ephedra, an herbal weight loss supplement. Synephrine is molecularly on par as a flight-or-fight hormones, epinephrine and norepinephrine, which increase performance and raise the users overall heart rate. [17][18] 

Synephrine has been shown to increase fat breakdown, raise energy expenditure, and mildly suppress appetite, all of which may contribute to weight loss. [19]

The bitter orange compound synephrine is believed to improve athletic performance by increasing total reps and volume load, or your capacity to train harder, according to a study. [20]

Advantra Z® (50% Citrus Aurantium Extract) - Physical performance benefits are attributed mostly to synephrine, a mild stimulant found in citrus aurantium. A weight-lifting study found that supplementing with p-synephrine for just three days resulted in a 10% increase in repetitions and volume load among the subjects. 

The combination of caffeine and synephrine raised the velocity of squat performance, which probably explains why citrus aurantium is often combined with caffeine in sports nutrition supplements. [21]

Researchers found that Advantra Z, a bitter orange extract (p-synephrine), increased appetite control and energy levels without causing any adverse effects in a study published in Nutrition and Dietary Supplements. The study is the first to examine Advantra Z's ability to suppress appetite and reduce food intake. [22]

Bioperine® - Spices like black pepper have been used for ages to flavor various cuisines around the world. Pepper has a pungent flavor and is a thermogenic agent. Black pepper is used in traditional medicine as an adjuvant to support knee pain, abdominal discomfort, to enhance mood, fatigue, manage a healthy weight, etc. 

Therefore, piperine is no longer just a spice, but is being considered as a food supplement, thermonutrient, and as a natural bioavailability enhancer. The extract of black pepper has a number of pharmacological benefits, but its bioavailability enhancing ability is widely known. [23] [24]

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