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Chemical F – Men’s Sexual Health and Testosterone Booster


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If you are one of these men moping around, sad, a shell of your former self, then you are probably wondering what in the world can be done and how can I do it.  The idea that you are a carcass of your former self, unable to perform even the most menial task with any real ferocity because of a lack of testosterone is appalling a at best.  This is not the condition the human form was supposed to take, some grotesque gelatinous blob, oozing through life at a snail’s pace.  Chaos and Pain sees this dreadful future of sad limp men and has decided that will be enough, thus launch Fadogia Agrestis as a single ingredient to support that everyday man, in well-being a dam man!

This is where Fadogia Agrestis comes into the picture, ready to bring you back to the lion you were meant to be.  Fadogia Agrestis has been used for many things through its years, specifically in supporting erectile dysfunction, impotency, supporting an improvement to sex drive, supporting an improvement to athletic performance and supporting the body’s natural levels of testosterone.  The produce has the possibly to support an increase in overall serum testosterone based off of promising studies.

Another possibly awesome factor that Fadogia Agrestis brings to the table is the ability to be an analgesic and produce anti-inflammatory effects in the body.  Much of the world’s population suffers from some type of inflammation related issue at some point.  This chronic inflammation which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and prolonged levels of pain must be dealt with.  Obviously, these prolonged levels of inflammation can lead to some pretty terrible health conditions such as cancer, obesity and heart disease.  Often times these issues are compounded as many individuals will exhibit multiple of these comorbidities.  The answer is pretty simple, have less inflammation and feel better.


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