365 Days of Brutality E-Book

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365 Days of Brutality E-Book

365 Days of Brutality E-Book - Far too much emphasis is placed today on the utilization of cookie cutter routines designed by strangers to appeal to the lowest common denominator or lifter, while few texts today appeal to the beast within every real lifter. 365 Days of Brutality: An Anti-Programming Manifesto does just that- it enables lifters to harness their inner badass by emulating the training of the badasses who have gone before them, and in doing so, forge their own path.

365 Days of Brutality E-Book Highlights

  • By Jamie Lewis
  • Owned by Chaos and Pain
365 Days of Brutality is a compendium of a year’s worth of workouts designed to take the aspiring gymgoer from “who gives a sh*t about that gym bro nobody?” to “slavering, musclebound, iron-crazed slaughter beast” within that time frame.  These workouts have been sourced from some of the most insane and intense strength athletes from every discipline- wrestlers, powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, bodybuilders, and arm wrestlers- to ensure that anyone reading it will have the tools necessary to jump into the middle of anyone’s workout and hang with or beat the people with whom (against whom) they’re training.
Leave the allegedly scientific programming to the prey animals and clock punchers, the posers and the neophytes, and learn to sharpen your fangs and attack the gym with the ferocity that belies your will to defeat gravity. This is 365 Days of Brutality.
** In the download are two files- one in Kindle format, the other in basic ebook format. Between the two, they should work on any device you use. **


If you want to see what's included in this monster first:

Introduction: A Revolt is in Order

  • Structuring Your Workouts

Rite of Passage Workouts

  • The Baby Steps Workout
  • “Murph”
  • DT
  • “Grace”
  • “Linda” aka "3 Bars of Death"
  • The Horrifically Painful 30 Minute Overhead Anyhow Challenge
  • Chef Rush and the White House Bicep Routine from Hell
  • Steve Michalik’s Intensity and Insanity for Chest, Shoulders, Arms
  • Marvin Eder’s Festival of Pain… Er, I Mean Dip Routine


  • Lee Priest: Demigod-Level Arm Training
  • Freddy Ortiz: Add a Couple Reps?  Add Sets to Grow
  • Brutally In-Depth: John DeFendis’ Intensity or Insanity Routine
  • Bob Birdsong: If Overtraining Was a Legitimate Concern, His Corpse Would Extra Dead… and His Forearms Would be Tiny (But He’s Alive and Well)
  • Rob Colacino: Psycho-Burst Training
  • Harold Poole: The Full Body Bloodbath of the First Black Mr. America
  • Dorian Yates: Blood and Guts
  • Jeff King: Train Legs Twice a Week and Get Twice the Gainz
  • Leo Stern: An Old School Two Day Split for Strength and Mass
  • Scott Wilson: Badass With a Barn-Door Back
  • John McWilliams: 20” Muscular Arms in the Pre-Steroid Era Prove it is Possible to Do Without Gear
  • Armand Tanny: Old School Superset Madness
  • Brutal Bertil Fox: The Strongest Bodybuilder of the 1980s and His Gnarly Strip Sets of Death


  • Zydrunas Savickas- It’s Hard to Out-Great the GOAT Strongman
  • Manfred Hoeberl- 26” Arms are Useful in Strongman  Jesse Marunde: Training Like a Strongman Phenom
  • Magnus Samuelsson- Legendary Grip Strength

Hybrid Athletes

  • Brutally In Depth: Pillow- The Insanely Shredded She-Beast of Bodybuilding and Nerdlesque
  • Jon Cole- King of the Supertotal and the First Collegiate Strength Coach in History
  • Brutally In Depth: Chuck Sipes- the Natty AF Bodybuilding Paratrooper With a Bench That Shocked the World
  • Chet Yorton- the Father of Natural Bodybuilding (And the Only Guy to Beat Arnold)
  • Brutally In Depth: Ivan Putski, Overhead Presser Extraordinaire
  • Mariusz Pudzianowski- Too Sexy for This Planet
  • Paul Anderson- When You’re This Strong, You Can Pretty Much Do Whatever You Want
  • Svend Karlsen- Building Viking Power
  • Brutally In Depth: John Grimek- People Take This Programming Shit WAY Too Seriously
  • Steve Merjanian- I’ve Got 500lb Incline and a Pair of Speedos... Let’s Party
  • Pat Neve- Bench Specialist Turned Bodybuilder Turned Rich Motherfucker
  • Eddie Robinson- Essentially the WSM of the 1980s Bodybuilding Scene
  • Doug Furnas- You Thought Jim Brown and Donald Dinnie had Best All-Round Athlete on Lock?


  • Brutally in Depth: The Compiled Methods of the Original Culver City Westside Barbell Club
  • Stefi Cohen- The Deadlifting GOAT’s Squat Training
  • Doug Young- The Bench Press Badass the Internet Loves as a Muscle Bear
  • Roger Estep- If You’re Gonna Lift Big Weights, You Might As Well Look Good Doing It
  • Jeremy Hoornstra- Sometimes, Benching More Than You Squat is Cool as Shit
  • Brutally In Depth: Terrible Ted Arcidi, Bench Beast
  • Jennifer Thompson- Natty Superwoman
  • Vince Anello and  Larry Pacifico- Bodybuilders and World Champion Powerlifters with No Plan Beyond WIN
  • Brutally In Depth: Pat Casey Outworks Everyone  Pat Casey’s Shoulder and Arm Specialization


  • Dmitriy Klokov- If Jesus Had Been a Russian Weightlifter, His Name Would Have Been Klokov
  • Russ Knipp- He Strict Pressed Your Best Bench… Weighing Only 165lbs
  • Brutally In Depth: Ike Berger- The Odd Lift Virtuoso and Beast-Mode, Pocket-Sized Weightlifter
  • Brutally In Depth: Coach Fang, Tian Tao, and Squatting Like a Fucking Monster with the Chinese Weightlifting Method
  • Bob Bednarski- 100% American-Made Muscle

Wrestlers/Arm Wrestlers/Random Weirdos

  • Brutally In Depth: Bruno Sammartino- From War Refugee to World Champion
  • Elias: Badass Active Recovery on a Rest Day
  • George Irving Nathanson: Rest Pause Insanity for One Lift Specialization
  • Isaac Nesser: Probable Bullshit Artist, But Interesting Nonetheless
  • Braun Strowman: Simulating Strongman Events to Trash Guys Who Have Real Implements
  • Rob Vigant Jr’s Forearms of Doom
  • Brutally In Depth: The Ultimate Warrior
  • Goldberg: Train Like an Athlete and You’ll Perform Like One

Diet: This Shit Ain’t That Hard

  • Unless You’re Already a Disgusting Landbeast (and I Mean Landbeast, not “Could Be Leaner”), Bulk, then Cut
  • Another Case for Bulking First- The Story of 1980s Powerlifting Monster George Hechter
  • Before You Buy a Weight Gainer, Behold the Bulking Shakes of the Golden Age of Bodybuilding
  • And then 31 badass recipes ranging from "too easy to possibly fuck up" to "it's very possible you'll fuck it up, but it'll still be delicious"