Everyone said the Renaissance Man was dead, but we've dug up his corpse, distilled his essence, and bottled it so we can bring him back to life- in you.  

In bygone eras, mastering multiple disciplines, including gwriting and the arts, was essential for any person who wanted to be considered the ultimate human.

Though it seems society's turned its back on that concept, Chaos and Pain decided to buck convention once more and restore the ideal that once carried the Western World out of the Dark Ages.  

Introducing Cannibal DaVinci, the first nootropic specifically designed to fuel artistic pursuits. Aniracetam and oxiracetam are the workhorses in this formula, combining to improve memory, verbal fluidity, free association, visual and aural perception, and reduce anxiety and depression while improving artistic and holistic thought.

Backing those two beautiful compounds are acacia rigidula, an herb jammed with enough amines and alkaloids to give you a nice energy boost, PEA and mucuna puriens.  Prepare to astound yourself.

CANNIBAL DaVINCI® Nootropic Future

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