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Don't let achy or weak joints hurt your training.  Let Chaos and Pain give you what you need!  We have the perfect combination of products to assist in your quest for improved joint performance.  And don't forget, ligaments and tendons grow four times slower than muscle tissue.


  • Cannibal Carna, the best tasting, highest quality, BCAA powder supplement recovery drink.
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    Cannibal Carna BCAA

    Amino acids- they seem kinda passe, right?  Why take amino acids when you can just chug some protein, because after all, isn’t that what protein’s made of?     Well, smarty pants, it’s because certain amino acids can...

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  • Cannibal Kraken, the best tasting, highest quality, 5lb Whey Protein Blend.
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    Cannibal Kraken 5lbs Whey Protein Blend

    Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you're aware of the numerous studies that have shown that even the addition of a single protein-rich meal per day leads to strength increases and speedier hypertrophy. Were we all massive, mythical...

  • Helios, the best joint health, anti-inflammatory supplement available, for weight lifting and athletic activity.
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    Helios - Joint Support

    Do you miss picking up heavy things and then putting them down with reckless abandonment? Do you miss the sound of the sonic boom created by your 400+ pounds of weight hitting the floor? Do you miss getting kicked out of Planet Fitness by triggering the...

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