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Nootropics Starter Bundle


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PWND Gamerz - Aggro

PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels your ways other energy drinks cannot- it fires you up while chilling you out, so that your reflexes stay frosty while your attention is at razor-sharp focus.


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The idea that one is smart enough or has enough intellect is preciously the indiscreet individuals that need all the support upstairs they can get, if you can get my drift.  There is always room for improvement in the brain and, well, it needs to be worked out and nourished probably more than some of your physiques, that I am certain of.  Where do you start, how do you even being to go down that road?  Let Chaos and Pain do the thinking for you with this introductory stack to the higher functioning brain power club.

PWND Aggro:  This product is inherently the catalytic for starting any mentally born activity through the day.  Anything from work, puzzles, driving, video games, weight lifting, or that horrible 2 p.m. meeting you may have that is literally the embodiment of evil reborn, similar to what Ash faces on the daily.  This product is not only an energy drink replacement but is also designed specifically to increase the eye hand coordination of the user.  The product is designed to be a far smoother source of energy than your standard pre-workout or energy drink that are just blitzes of short term energy by design.  No, this is a long steady state of readiness that will have you ready to handle any task that could be put in front of you.  This product also has ingredients in it that are designed to fight against stress and all of its negative effects on the body, can your energy drink do that, didn’t think so.

Bacchus:  Just like the Yin-Yang there are two sides to every coin and Bacchus is that for Aggro.  Today’s world is fiercely fast paced with little to no regard for anybody who slacks and doesn’t keep to the head winds.  This has led to massive increase in psychological and physiological disorders, mainly stress and anxiety, that are literally killing people.  This nootropic is designed to complete really any stimulant based nootropic on the market especially Aggro.  This product is mood enhancing, anxiety reducing, and supports all types of mental function and improvement of said functions, just good clean mental support.  Bacchus provides a nootropic boost of energy then slowly tapers off to allow for deeper relaxation and stress reduction.  This product is perfect for decelerating later in the day why still maintaining a heightened level of focus.

These two nootropics are perfect for a full day’s range of nootropic stimulation to support everything from improved mental focus, movements and lowered anxiety and stress.

1 review for Nootropics Starter Bundle

  1. Josh Gaylord (verified owner)

    Great product stack. Work great to get started in the morning. Bacchus really helps with being able to dissociate from stressful situations, like young children before coffee. Aggro is great for focus even early in the morning

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