Blog - Chaos and Pain

Random Musings On The World Of Physical Culture

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 12 Jul 2017

My last few years have been tumultuous, to say the least.  After setting a world record in powerlifting, I got walking pneumonia after setting a gym record in the only Crossfit workout I have eve … read more

1-DHEA- Why Embrace The Dark Side When Grey Jedis Do It Better?

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 06 Jul 2017

In case you're not nerdy enough to get the title's reference, I'll save you a google and just explain:  Grey Jedis in the Star Wars Universe can utilize both the light and the dark sides, and in … read more

Fadogia Agrestis- All Aboard The Train To Boner Town

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 23 Jun 2017

Looking at the label on a testosterone booster these days feels a lot like reading a book that written in equal parts Latin and Mandarin Chinese, and it  might have something to do with botany. & … read more

What Are The Top Pre Workout Supplements?

22 Jun 2017

When it's time to workout, your body needs to be fueled properly. You can't be King Kong if you don't prepare yourself with the top pre workout supplements to light the fire. This article will lay out … read more