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Best Post Workout Supplement for Rapid Recovery


Best Post Workout Supplement

We've talked plenty about pre-workout meals, shakes, and other energy sources to get us ready to go insane at the gym. But what about AFTER the gym? Tearing up your muscles to promote growth is what it's all about. But you need to also give your body what it needs by providing the right post workout supplement

To experienced lifters, that time is known as the anabolic window. This is when taking the right post workout supplement will actually fire up your body's recovery process, and have you already on your way towards your next workout. By now, you're wondering "what is this magic bean to grow your beanstalks big and strong?" I'm sure many of you already know. But for others, the answer is surprisingly simple. 

Post Workout Supplement Champion of the World IS...

Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA's for short. But it's a little more complicated than that. You see, most people already know this. But they don't know what is supplementing the champ. Or why it makes sense to have these other ingredients as part of their post workout supplement. So, let's look at the team players that help make the best, the actual best:

  • LeucineWe love her. You should too. It's not easy to find this amino acid building block. Unless you have soy or seaweed hanging around to snack on. Which sounds delicious. Or not. Point is, you NEED leucine to break down fat stores, assist in building and developing lean muscle mass, as well as providing joint support. Yea, don't forget the joints. They will be quick to remind you if you do. Behind every good muscle is a hard working joint.
  • Valine: Hi, I'm Val. I'm leucine's little sister. I like biosynthesizing protein in my spare time. You might not know this, but the body can't produce me. So, you either eat enough beans to kill off anyone in a ten foot radius of you, or you take me in supplemental form. I'm being a little dramatic here, but not really. 
  • Isovaline: I'm Val's alter-ego. I help your muscles and joints by reducing soreness while increasing mobility. We're all a family. I go where they go. Trust me, you want us together if you want to dominate.

From creating the right environment for muscle growth inside your body, to maintaining strong and pain free joints, BCAA's are the post workout supplement you need most in order to become the dynamic machine you were born to be.

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