Demystifying Ketogenic Dieting, Part 2

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 21 Apr 2018

In case you missed it, last night I gave you guys a brief overview of the history of ketogenic dieting, and an overview of what ketogenic dieting is. Go here for a refresher on what I covered … read more

Demystifying Ketogenic Dieting

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 18 Apr 2018

Given the spate of questions I've recently received regarding ketogenic diets, I felt that it was high time to break it down for you people in simple chapter and verse. I personally like ketogen … read more

Inside The Bizarre World Of All-Round Weightlifting

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 15 Apr 2018

Of all of the bands in metal, one stands out as forever existing in the conversation, though you'd be screwed if you had to find a die-hard fan of the band- Motörhead. Formed in the mid-1970's, … read more

Strength VS Size: Part 1, What’s the Difference?

Posted by PhysEd on 12 Apr 2018

Most people start to lift weights because they want to get bigger and stronger.  At first, it’s easy to do both.  Just picking up heavier weights each workout forces your body to adapt an … read more

Baddest Mofos Ever- Harry Houdini

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 04 Apr 2018

Pretty dapper for a badass. There have been a great many badass, blow-up-your-sorry-ass-with-a-fireball wizards throughout the ages, from the limp-wristed, Harry Potter-esque Merlin to … read more

Bacon: Superfood Or Hipster Nonsense?

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 27 Mar 2018

I have never in my life enjoyed eating bacon- it seemed like a pointless food designed to satiate useless people in the effort to fill their bellies as a metaphor for filling their empty souls and liv … read more

Demystifying the Paleo Diet, Part 4

Posted by Jamie Lewis on 26 Mar 2018

Identifying Which Type of "Paleo" Dieting is Best for YouBy this point, it should be apparent that there is hardly any consensus on what, exactly, comprises the diet of our Paleolithic forebears, be … read more

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