FADOGIA AGRESTIS - Looking at the label on a testosterone booster these days feels a lot like reading a book that written in equal parts Latin and Mandarin Chinese, and it might have something to do with botany.  There are a dozen ingredients, many of which seem to have very obscure origins, and most of them seem to be of dubious benefit if you’ve never heard of them.  

If you’re anything like I am, you simply look for the major players on the label, confirm their existence, hope the product matches the label claims, and carry on with buying it.  Part of the problem there seems to be with the supplement companies themselves, as they don’t adequately inform their customers about what it is, exactly, that’s in their blends.  Let’s fix that.

fadogia by cnp

These are not people to whom you sell BS products and expect to lose less than a pint of blood for screwing them over.

Fadogia agrestis is one of those nebulous ingredients that no one in a supplement store seems to know anything about, and that’s a shame, because if the fact that the people of west Africa have been using it for hundreds of years to help with a variety of ailments is any indication, it’s pretty badass. Native to west Africa, fadogia agrestis is a shrub that people of that region have been using for centuries, mostly as the ancient herbal version of Viagra.  While I realize that Nigeria is not well known for its traditional medicine, what it is known for is badassery.

The Nigerians traditionally battle each other in a sport called Dambe that’s like old school Thai boxing (they wrap their right hand in cord and glue, occasionally dipped in broken glass) if Thai boxers also wrapped their left leg in a chain used for both offense and defense.  Whatever you guys might think of traditional African medicine, these guys take being masculine and badass very seriously, so their love of fadogia agrestis should impress you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be more apt to take this man’s advice on nutritional supplementation than I would be to take it from a fat, middle-aged doctor.

Like I mentioned above, fadogia agrestis originates in Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, the Central African Republic, and Tanzania and has been used for half a millennium as a proerectile agent, an aphrodesiac, and a sex aid (it is both reputed to extend sexual longevity and proven to more than double the length of time to ejaculation in studies on rodents).  Perhaps the herbs of African Traditional Medicine lack the lofty reputation of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it appears from a cursory, macro examination that over half of the herbs Africans traditionally use in their medicine have at least some medical benefit.   

Increase Testosterone with Fadogia Agrestis

In the last couple of decades fadogia has caught the attention of scientists and supplement companies for its potential as a testosterone booster, since the FDA has gone ham sandwich on the “prohormones” that everyone’s come to love and removed them from the market. Unfortunately, the studies conducted on fadogia have not used humans, but the studies do show a wide array of benefits in rats.

Specifically, the studies on rodents have shown:

  • fadogia increases time to ejaculation 250%, making this just about the only herbal supplement that can aid premature ejaculation.
  • fadogia caused massive testosterone increases, and the increase was concomitant with dosage.
  • fadogia increased testicular size and showed some pro erectile properties.
  • fadogia supplementation provides more positive effect on libido than any other herbal supplement

Certainly, we at Chaos and Pain appreciate a healthy degree of skepticism when it comes to herbs that seem too good to be true, because we’ve all been down the rabbit hole chasing the dreams sold to us by supplement companies in the past.  What the skeptics fail to realize with fadogia however, is that 400 years of anecdotal evidence from West Africa should necessarily carry some weight.  It’s not as though a bunch of dudes who’ve turned their right hands into massive clubs and use them to beat the brakes off each other on the weekends are going to avidly use a male potency/testosterone boosting herb that doesn’t work for hundreds of years- that just ridiculous. So grab some Chemical F - Fadogia Agrestis and jump on the train to boner town, because millions of jacked, angry, pit-fighting people could not possibly be wrong.


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