Orchilean Euphoric Stimulant power!

Orchilean™, otherwise known as Cymbidium Goeringii Extract, is a novel extract of the Noble Orchid and is one of the ingredients included in Chaos and Pain's brutal stimulant-based preworkout, Cannibal Ferox. Though there has been little clinical investigation of this compound, it has been shown in clinical studies to have very potent anti-inflammatory (Beg), anti-microbial, and accelerated healing properties (Singh). Traditional Chinese medicine has used orchid extracts for a wide variety of applications over the millennia, however, due to the fact that orchids contain a wide array of stimulant alkaloids ranging from atropine to caffeine, making it an ideal addition to any stimulant stack (Bulpitt). In fact, some anecdotal sources report a potency in Orchilean™ three times as strong as DMAA. Though this is unsubstantiated in a clinical setting, everyone who has taken the compound seems to agree that it is an incredibly potent stimulant.

The other key benefits of Orchilean™ are its vasodilatory and diuretic properties, which in combination will ensure that your skin is thin and your vascularity will be unobscured by the gram of sodium you ingested when you whacked back a Big Mac for a preworkout meal.

Orchilean™ has been added to Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Inferno to increase the stimulant effect and to ensure that you are vascular enough to be mistaken for a road map of a major metropolitan city.


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Singh S, Singh AK, Kumar S, Kumar M, Pandey PK, Singh M

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