Blueberry Extract - Muscle Repair and DNA Support

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BLUEBERRY EXTRACT - MUSCLE REPAIR - As we are navigating through this adventure called life we oftentimes find ourselves abusing our bodies in manors that are a bit rough let’s say.  Everything and anything can take its toll on the average person much less the superhumans that shop at Chaos and Pain, who more than likely are abusing their bodies in all manors of effects to reach their desired goals. 

Maybe some individuals like to indulge in booze or other nefarious activities, don’t worry we aren’t judging you here, that’s just not our place, but this can help in the recovery process.

Everyone we assume knows what a blueberry is, if you do not then you should go to the local grocery store and be enlightened.  Blueberry’s, though awesome tasting is even more awesome at what they can do.  They are a little tasty gift that keeps on giving.

Blueberry Extract Benefits

  • The DNA:  There is some interesting evidence to show that blueberries are fairly high in antioxidants and these antioxidants would support a reduction in what is known as free radicals in the body.  The theory behind this is that if the body is damaged less from these free radicals then it will be less susceptible to events that occur naturally from oxidation in the DNA, generally, this is associated with the development of cancer.
  • Cognitive and Neuro Functions:  Though not typically associated with cognition, the research on blueberries in this area seems to be quite promising.  Some studies have shown that even acute consumption (directly before the event) can support an improvement in the speed of cognition, though no luck on the physical side.  On top of cognition, there is evidence to show that blueberry-based drinks can have an ability to the effective mood in a positive manner, uplifting the spirits.
  • Cholesterol:  As we all know in the weight lifting world, cholesterol is king for both the good and the bad.  With all of the positive that comes from a high cholesterol diet, there can be some negatives, mainly if you are genetically predisposed to these events of heart disease.  Blueberries, through their ant oxidative properties, have a heightened ability to lower levels of LDL cholesterol, which if you are unaware is the low-density lipoproteins that are deemed “bad” by most.
  • Muscle Repair and Protection:  This may be the best one of all, as everyone here has had the dreaded DOMS at some point.  If you are unaware of what DOMS are then be enlightened; delayed onset muscle soreness is that terribly painful feeling you get days after strenuous activity, this pain is generally felt 24-72 hours after the event.  Well, look what we have here, this magical little berry just keeps on giving.  There are now multiple studies that would suggest blueberry can support cell adaption and overall muscle repair leading to a decrease in the DOMS effect.  This is all done by alleviating the oxidative stress in the body.

It is pretty clear that you need blueberries in your life.  Buy them and use them!